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Strathclyde researchers are highly active in the areas of space systems, astronautics, space science, and space mechatronics. Researchers from Physics within the Centre for Space Science and Applications, the Aerospace Centre of Excellence in MAE, the Space Mechatronic Systems Technology (SMeSTech) Laboratory within DMEM, and researchers in EEE, all explore the engineering and scientific challenges within space, with topics such as spaceflight mechanics, robotics for in-orbit satellite services and refuelling, and satellite-based ocean colour remote sensing, among many others.

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Digital Health & Care Institute (DHI); Crooks, George, ed. (2020) Community Mental Health and Wellbeing : What Does Gold Standard Look Like? [Design Workshop Report]. [Report]

Digital Health & Care Institute (DHI); Crooks, George, ed. (2020) Creation of a Universal Health & Wellbeing Service : What is the Offer to Citizens in Distress? [Design Workshop Report]. [Report]

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