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Cheung, Sai Man and Husain, Ehab and Masannat, Yazan and Miller, Iain D. and Wahle, Klaus and Heys, Steven D. and He, Jiabao (2020) Lactate concentration in breast cancer using advanced magnetic resonance spectroscopy. British Journal of Cancer, 123 (2). pp. 261-267. ISSN 1532-1827

Casciano, Jessica C. and Perry, Caroline and Cohen-Nowak, Adam J. and Miller, Katelyn D. and Voorde, Johan Vande and Zhang, Qifeng and Chalmers, Susan and Sandison, Mairi E. and Lui, Qin and Hedley, Ann and McBryan, Tony and Tang, Hsin-Yao and Gorman, Nicole and Beer, Thomas and Speicher, David W. and Adams, Peter D. and Lui, Xuefeng and Schlegel, Richard and McCarron, John G. and Wakelam, Michael J. O. and Gottlieb, Eyal and Kossenkov, Andrew V. and Schug, Zachary T. (2020) MYC regulates fatty acid metabolism through a multigenic program in claudin-low triple negative breast cancer. British Journal of Cancer, 122 (6). pp. 868-884. ISSN 1532-1827

Rushworth, Linda K. and Hewit, Kay and Munnings-Tomes, Sophie and Somani, Sukrut and James, Daniel and Shanks, Emma and Dufès, Christine and Straube, Anne and Patel, Rachana and Leung, Hing Y. (2020) Repurposing screen identifies mebendazole as a clinical candidate to synergise with docetaxel for prostate cancer treatment. British Journal of Cancer, 122 (4). pp. 517-527. ISSN 1532-1827


Cuschieri, Kate and Kavanagh, Kimberley and Moore, Catherine and Bhatia, Ramya and Love, John and Pollock, Kevin G (2016) Impact of partial bivalent HPV vaccination on vaccine-type infection : a population-based analysis. British Journal of Cancer, 114 (11). pp. 1261-1264. ISSN 1532-1827

Martínez-Pérez, Carlos and Ward, Carol and Turnbull, Arran K and Mullen, Peter and Cook, Graeme and Meehan, James and Jarman, Edward J and Thomson, Patrick I T and Campbell, Colin J and McPhail, Donald and Harrison, David J and Langdon, Simon P (2016) Antitumour activity of the novel flavonoid Oncamex in preclinical breast cancer models. British Journal of Cancer, 114 (8). pp. 905-916. ISSN 1532-1827

Palmer, T J and McFadden, M and Pollock, K G J and Kavanagh, K and Cuschieri, K and Cruickshank, M and Cotton, S and Nicoll, S and Robertson, C (2016) HPV immunisation and cervical screening—confirmation of changed performance of cytology as a screening test in immunised women : a retrospective population-based cohort study. British Journal of Cancer. ISSN 1532-1827

Palmer, T J and McFadden, M and Pollock, K G J and Kavanagh, K and Cuschieri, K and Cruickshank, M and Nicoll, S and Robertson, C (2016) HPV immunisation and increased uptake of cervical screening in Scottish women; observational study of routinely collected national data. British Journal of Cancer. ISSN 1532-1827


Pollock, Kevin G.J. and Kavanagh, Kimberley and Potts, Alison and Love, John and Cuschieri, Kate and H, Cubie, and Robertson, Chris and Cruickshank, Maggie and Palmer, Tim J and Nicoll, Sheila and Donaghy, Martin (2014) Reduction of low- and high-grade cervical abnormalities associated with high uptake of the HPV bivalent vaccine in Scotland. British Journal of Cancer, 111 (9). pp. 1824-1830. ISSN 1532-1827

Macfarlane, T V and Lefevre, K and Watson, M C (2014) Aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug use and the risk of upper aerodigestive tract cancer. British Journal of Cancer, 111 (9). pp. 1852-1859. ISSN 1532-1827

Chiu, B and Pilichowska, M and Seib, Philipp and Charest, A and Kaplan, DL (2014) Surgery combined with controlled-release doxorubicin silk films as a treatment strategy in an orthotopic neuroblastoma mouse model. British Journal of Cancer, 111. ISSN 1532-1827

Kavanagh, K and Pollock, K G J and Potts, A and Love, J and Cuschieri, K and Cubie, H and Robertson, C and Donaghy, M (2014) Introduction and sustained high coverage of the HPV bivalent vaccine leads to a reduction in prevalence of HPV 16/18 and closely related HPV types. British Journal of Cancer, 110. pp. 2804-2811. ISSN 1532-1827

Henderson, D J P and Byrne, A and Dulla, K and Jenster, G and Hoffmann, R and Baillie, G S and Houslay, M D (2014) The cAMP phosphodiesterase-4D7 (PDE4D7) is downregulated in androgen-independent prostate cancer cells and mediates proliferation by compartmentalising cAMP at the plasma membrane of VCaP prostate cancer cells. British Journal of Cancer, 110 (5). pp. 1278-1287. ISSN 1532-1827


Hirst, T C and Vesterinen, H M and Sena, E S and Egan, K J and MacLeod, M R and Whittle, I R (2013) Systematic review and meta-analysis of temozolomide in animal models of glioma : was clinical efficacy predicted? British Journal of Cancer, 108. pp. 64-71. ISSN 1532-1827


Boyle, Peter and Boniol, Mathieu and Koechlin, Alice Helene Marie and Robertson, Chris and Valentini, Faustine and Coppens, Kim and Fairley, Laura-Louise and Boniol, Magali and Zheng, Tongzhang and Zhang, Yawei and Pasterk, Markus and Smans, Michel and Curado, Maria Paula and Mullie, Patrick and Gandini, Sara and Bota, Maria and Bolli, Geremia and Rosenstock, Julio and Autier, Philippe (2012) Diabetes and breast cancer risk : a meta analysis. British Journal of Cancer, 107 (9). pp. 1608-1617. ISSN 1532-1827

Ohotski, Jan and Long, Jaclyn and Orange, Clare and Elsberger, Beatrix and Mallon, Elizabeth and Doughty, J and Pyne, Susan and Pyne, Nigel and Edwards, Joanne (2012) Expression of sphingosine 1-phosphate receptor 4 and sphingosine kinase 1 is associated with outcome in oestrogen receptor-negative breast cancer. British Journal of Cancer, 106 (8). pp. 1453-1459. ISSN 1532-1827


O'Leary, M C and Sinka, K and Robertson, Christopher and Cuschieri, K and Lyman, R and Lacey, M and Potts, A and Cubie, H A and Donaghy, M (2011) HPV type-specific prevalence using a urine assay in unvaccinated male and female 11- to 18-year olds in Scotland. British Journal of Cancer, 104 (7). pp. 1221-1226. ISSN 1532-1827


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