Cities, Global Cities and Glasgow - Some Reflections

Clark, Greg (2016) Cities, Global Cities and Glasgow - Some Reflections. [Report]

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    Globally, cities are now the dominant locations for production, consumption and human settlement - and their number, scale and influence is set to increase in the century ahead. Cities increasingly compete in a globalised economy and this has profound impacts on how cities organise themselves to be economically and socially successful. Globalisation and the changing nature of business and social innovation are discussed, as are the ‘cycles’ of city development that cities need to pursue to be successful. The issues facing cities worldwide are viewed through the case of Glasgow, Scotland’s global city. In surmising the city’s performance in a wider global context, it concludes that Glasgow needs ‘cycle 3’ tools, taxes and tactics to be successful in the future and that new city governance reform is a key aspect of any future success.