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Developing mathematical theories of the physical world: Open Access research on fluid dynamics from Strathclyde

Strathprints makes available Open Access scholarly outputs by Strathclyde's Department of Mathematics & Statistics, where continuum mechanics and industrial mathematics is a specialism. Such research seeks to understand fluid dynamics, among many other related areas such as liquid crystals and droplet evaporation.

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics also demonstrates expertise in population modelling & epidemiology, stochastic analysis, applied analysis and scientific computing. Access world leading mathematical and statistical Open Access research!

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Lampel, Ayala and McPhee, Scott A. and Park, Hang-Ah and Scott, Gary G. and Humagain, Sunita and Hekstra, Doeke R. and Yoo, Barney and Frederix, Pim W. J. M. and Li, Tai-De and Abzalimov, Rinat R. and Greenbaum, Steven G. and Tuttle, Tell and Hu, Chunhua and Bettinger, Christopher J. and Ulijn, Rein V. (2017) Polymeric peptide pigments with sequence-encoded properties. Science, 356 (6342). pp. 1064-1068. ISSN 1095-9203

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Martínez-Martínez, Antonio J. and Kennedy, Alan R and Mulvey, Robert E and O'Hara, Charles T (2014) Directed ortho-meta'- and meta-meta'-dimetalations : a template base approach to deprotonation. Science, 346 (6211). pp. 834-837. ISSN 0036-8075

Meinert, Florian and Mark, Manfred J. and Kirilov, Emil and Lauber, Katharina and Weinmann, Philipp and Gröbner, Michael and Daley, Andrew J. and Nägerl, Hanns Christoph (2014) Observation of many-body dynamics in long-range tunneling after a quantum quench. Science, 344 (6189). pp. 1259-1262. ISSN 0036-8075

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Millar, J. Kirsty and Pickard, Benjamin S. and Mackie, Shaun and James, Rachel and Christie, Sheila and Buchanan, Sebastienne R. and Malloy, M. Pat and Chubb, Jennifer E. and Huston, Elaine and Baillie, George S. and Thomson, Pippa A. and Hill, Elaine V. and Brandon, Nicholas J. and Rain, Jean-Christophe and Camargo, L. Miguel and Whiting, Paul J. and Houslay, Miles D. and Blackwood, Douglas H. R. and Muir, Walter J. and Porteous, David J. (2005) DISC1 and PDE4B are interacting genetic factors in schizophrenia that regulate cAMP signaling. Science, 310 (5751). pp. 1187-1191. ISSN 1095-9203

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