Innovation in Diabetes - Ideas and Initiatives

Digital Health & Care Institute; Crooks, George, ed. (2014) Innovation in Diabetes - Ideas and Initiatives. [Report]

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    A collection of multiple reports on MyDiabetesMyWay (MDMW). Included reports are: MyDiabetesMyWay Patient Portal; MyDiabetesMyWay e-learning hub (Moodle) ; SCI-diabetes/ MDMW Communication Portal- Tools for Remote Communication/ Consultation; Risk Modelling for Care Planning- integration into Informatics Dashboard for Clinical Use; Access to Chronic Medication Service (CMS) and Pharmaceutical Care Planning Medication and Lifestyle Coaching; Multi-media Diabetes Resources; Promoting Diabetes Education; Tele-Pharmacy; Understanding my diabetes medication; Pharmaceutical Industry and Medical Technology (PIMTs); An on-line and interactive education system for young people with type 1 diabetes to understand self-management for their lifestyle; Proof of Concept study to deliver personalised use of information to support diabetes management and behaviour change; right information; right time; right way; Virtual promotion of physical activity for people with type 2 diabetes; Remote foot ulcer management: RAPID (Reducing Amputation in People with Diabetes); Diabetic foot screening – development of technology; Portable capillary HbA1c testing for diagnosis and self-monitoring of diabetes; Possibility of mobile phone adaption for testing; Web app for decision support for patients with type 1 diabetes undertaking sport or exercise; Online level 3 structured education for type 1 diabetes; My Diabetes My Way electronic personal health record – uptake at scale; TeleClinics for diabetes; Develop a diabetes sim / game in which the main character has diabetes. Young people need to keep the sim / character alive as they face the various challenges of life or the game; Development of meaningful automated glucose data to in-patient clinical areas; In-patient Care: Integrated eHealth solutions to improve patient care, safety and outcomes; Innovative model of care to address the 'process of care' in managing people with long term conditions; Young Persons Remote Clinic Consultation; Maximise use of the data to support self-management of patients with co-morbidities; Virtual practice outreach and education in primary care.