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Addressing the energy challenge confronting society is a strategic research theme for Strathclyde. Researchers from across the institution, spanning multiple disciplines, are therefore working together to understand ways of reducing the environmental impacts of energy use, improving energy efficiency, coping with declining fossil fuel supplies, managing an ageing energy infrastructure, and devising policy or economic levers to achieve higher penetration of renewable energy systems and technologies. Strathprints makes this scholarly research content available Open Access thereby ensuring results are available to everyone in order meet the global climate challenge.

Explore some of this Open Access research from the departments of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, Electronic & Electrical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Naval Architecture, Ocean & Marine Engineering, Economics, Entrepreneurship and the School of Government & Public Policy.

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Lucherini, Mark and Hill, Sarah and Smith, Katherine (2019) Potential for non-combustible nicotine products to reduce socioeconomic inequalities in smoking : a systematic review and synthesis of best available evidence. BMC Public Health, 19 (1). 1469. ISSN 1471-2458


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Rosenberg, Michael and Houghton, Stephen and Hunter, Simon C. and Zadow, Corinne and Shilton, Trevor and Wood, Lisa and Lawrence, David (2018) A latent growth curve model to estimate electronic screen use patterns amongst adolescents aged 10 to 17 years. BMC Public Health, 18. 332. ISSN 1471-2458

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Matthews, Lynsay and Mitchell, Fiona and Stalker, Kirsten and McConnachie, Alex and Murray, Heather and Melling, Chris and Mutrie, Nanette and Melville, Craig (2016) Process evaluation of the Walk Well study : a cluster-randomised controlled trial of a community based walking programme for adults with intellectual disabilities. BMC Public Health, 16. 527. ISSN 1471-2458


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