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Allely, Clare (2020) Case Study : ASD and Viewing Indecent Images of Children. [Report]

Allardyce, Stuart; Dyer, Fiona, ed. (2019) Young people with additional support needs and harmful sexual behaviour : what does evidence tell us about best practice? In: Prevention, Intervention & Inclusion, 2019-04-03 - 2019-04-03, Centre for Youth & Criminal Justice.

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Brown, Aaron and Davidson, Jennifer and Karadzhov, Dimitar and Shields, Sophie (2022) The Fragility of Justice for Children during COVID-19 : Providers' and Policymakers' Perspectives on Implications and Mitigation Strategies : Findings from the International COVID 4P Log Project. [Report]

Brown, Aaron and Vaswani, Nina (2022) Understanding Digital Criminal Justice Provision in Glasgow : Evaluation Report. [Report]

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Dyer, Fiona (2019) Supporting and Managing Children Who Pose a High Risk. [Report]

Dyer, Fiona (2018) Criminal Justice (Scotland) Act 2016. [Report]

Dyer, Fiona (2017) Managing the Risk of Serious Harm Presented by Young People. [Report]

Dyer, Fiona and Carter, Kevin (2017) Supporting Young People Involved in Offending up to 21 Years Old : Extending the Whole System Approach. [Report]

Dyer, Fiona and Simpson, Stewart (2016) Movement Restriction Conditions (MRCs) and Youth Justice in Scotland : Are We There Yet? [Report]

Dyer, Fiona (2016) What Can We Learn in Scotland from the Red Hook Community Court? [Report]

Dyer, Fiona (2016) Young People at Court in Scotland. [Report]

Dearie, Carole (2015) Improving Practice for Girls. [Report]

Dyer, Fiona (2014) Alternatives to Custody. [Report]

Dyer, Fiona (2014) Managing High Risk Youth Pilot Project. [Report]

Dyer, Fiona (2014) Supporting Young People Who Enter Into Secure Care or Custody to Reintegrate Into Communities. [Report]

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Gibson, Ross (2022) What Do We Know about Children from England and Wales in Secure Care in Scotland? [Report]

Gibson, Ross (2021) ACEs, Distance and Sources of Resilience. [Report]

Gillon, Fern (2020) Inclusion as Prevention. [Report]

Gibson, Ross (2020) Raising the Age of Referral to the Children's Hearing System : CYCJ's response. [Report]

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Gibson, Ross (2018) The Role of Creative Practice to Support Young People at Risk of Offending. [Report]

Gibson, Ross and Morrison, Pamela (2017) Promoting Young People's Participation. [Report]

Gough, Alison (2017) Secure Care in Scotland : Young People's Voices. [Report]

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George, Sue (2014) Early and effective intervention for young people who offend. [Report]

George, Sue (2014) Young People with Learning and Communications Difficulties. [Report]


Humphrey, Harvey and Taylor, Yvette and Govender, Navan Nadrajan (2023) AS IS; Access and Inclusion in KE Events. [Report]

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Lightowler, Claire (2020) Rights Respecting? Scotland's Approach to Children in Conflict With the Law. [Report]

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Lightowler, Claire and Nolan, Debbie (2017) The Whole System Approach : Responding to Complexity and Lessons Learned. [Report]

Lightowler, Claire and Dearie, Carole (2016) Case Study : Secure Care in Sweden. [Report]

Lightowler, Claire and Cook, Owen (2015) Youth in Justice : Young People Explore What Their Role in Improving Youth Justice Might Be. [Report]

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Murphy, Carole (2021) Scotland's Response to Children in Conflict with the Law : What Data Exists? [Report]

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Murphy, Carole (2020) Improving risk practice in Scotland : Evaluation of START:AV training. [Report]

McEwan, Donna (2020) Supporting all Under 18s in the Court System. [Report]

McEwan, Donna (2019) Transfer of Community Court Orders across the UK. [Report]

McEwan, Donna (2019) Flexibility is Key - Movement Restriction Conditions. [Report]

McEwan, Donna (2019) Movement restriction conditions. [Report]

Murphy, Carole (2018) Balancing Rights and Risks : How Can We Get It Right For Children Involved In Violent Behaviour? [Report]

Murphy, Carole and Orr, David (2018) How to Implement Effective Risk Practice. [Report]

Murphy, Carole (2018) National Youth Justice Conference, June 20-21, 2018. [Report]

McEwan, Donna (2018) Caught in the Net! Technology Assisted Harmful Sexual Behaviours. [Report]

McEwan, Donna (2018) Diverting Children and Young People from Serious and Organised Crime (SOC) : Guidance for Practice on Recognising and Preventing the Exploitation of Children by SOC. [Report]

Murphy, Carole (2018) Formulation in Risk Practice 2. [Report]

Murphy, Carole (2018) Formulation in Risk Practice. [Report]

McEwan, Donna (2017) Understanding the Relationship Between Brain Development and Offending Behaviour. [Report]

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Murphy, Carole (2017) National Youth Justice Conference, June 21-22, 2017. [Report]

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Morrison, Pamela (2017) Universal Credits. [Report]

Murphy, Carole (2017) The Good Lives Model. [Report]

McEwan, Donna (2016) Care and Risk Management Guidance. [Report]

Moodie, Kristina and Nolan, Deborah Anne (2016) 'Between a Rock and a Hard Place' : Responses to Offending in Residential Childcare. [Report]

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Moodie, Kristina (2016) Looked After Children and Crime. [Report]

Moodie, Kristina and Anderson, Arlene (2015) Space to Think : Lessons and Impact of the IVY Project. [Report]

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McAfee, Jill (2015) Breaking the Cycle. [Report]

McAfee, Jill (2015) Youth Justice and Children's Rights. [Report]

McAfee, Jill (2015) Early and Effective Intervention : A Framework of Core Elements. [Report]

Moodie, Kristina (2015) Criminogenic Families. [Report]

Moodie, Kristina (2014) 'I Can See Them Being Kids' : An Evaluation of the 'Referral Process' of Youth Advantage Outreach. [Report]

McAfee, Jill (2014) Attending a Children's Hearing. [Report]

McAfee, Jill (2014) New grounds of referral - Children's Hearings Scotland Act (2011). [Report]

McAfee, Jill (2014) Trafficking of Children. [Report]

McAfee, Jill and Allardyce, Stuart (2014) Managing Decision Making and Times Scales in Jointly Reported Cases. [Report]


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Nolan, Debbie (2020) 'Spend time with me' : Children and young people's experiences of COVID-19 and the justice system. [Report]

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Nolan, Debbie (2018) Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN) in Youth Justice : Understanding and Addressing the Impact Event Report. [Report]

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Nolan, Deborah Anne (2016) Identification of Looked After Young People and Care Leavers by Justice Agencies. [Report]

Nolan, Debbie (2016) Home Detention Curfews. [Report]

Nolan, Deborah Anne (2016) Reviews for Young People Aged Under 18 in Custody. [Report]

Nolan, Debbie (2015) Youth Justice : A Study of Local Authority Reintegration and Transitions Practice Across Scotland. [Report]

Nolan, Debbie (2015) Youth Justice : A Study of Local Authority Practice Across Scotland. [Report]

Nolan, Debbie and McAfee, Jill (2015) National Youth Justice Conference, 17-18 June 2015. [Report]

Nolan, Debbie (2015) Scottish Prison Service Vision for Young People in Custody. [Report]

Nolan, Debbie and McAfee, Jill (2014) Child Trafficking : A Scottish Perspective. [Report]


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Orr, David (2014) Movement Restriction Conditions (MRCs) and Youth Justice : Learning from the Past, Challenges in the Present and Possibilities for the Future. [Report]

Orr, David (2014) Movement Restriction Conditions (MRCs) in the Children’s Hearing System. [Report]

Orr, David (2014) Restorative Practices and Offending Behaviour. [Report]

Orr, David (2014) Violence and Aggression : Relating Theory to Practice. [Report]

Orr, David (2014) Youth Violence. [Report]


Porter, Robert Benjamin and Gillon, Fern Rebecca Louise and Mitchell, Fiona and Vaswani, Nina and Young, Emma (2021) Childen's rights in children's hearings : the impact of Covid-19. International Journal of Children's Rights, 29 (2). pp. 426-446. ISSN 1571-8182

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Robb, Linda (2014) Female Relational Aggression. [Report]

Robb, Linda (2014) Vulnerable girls and young women. [Report]


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Simpson, Stewart (2015) Legal Doesn't Mean Safe : New Drugs, New Challenges. [Report]


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