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Items where subject is "Human-computer interaction"

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Adetunla, Yetunde and Adetunla, Gbenga (2022) The role of social media in enlightening nursing mothers on the practice of exclusive breastfeeding. Global Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, 10 (8). pp. 72-78. ISSN 2052-6369

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Carey, Nicola and Abathun, Ephrem and Maguire, Roma and Wodaje, Yohans and Royce, Catherine and Ayers, Nicola (2023) Co-design and prototype development of the 'Ayzot App' : a mobile phone based remote monitoring system for palliative care. Palliative Medicine, 37 (5). pp. 771-781. ISSN 1477-030X

Collier, Ben and Stewart, James and Horgan, Shane and Thomas, Daniel R. and Wilson, Lydia (2024) Influence government, platform power and the patchwork profile : exploring the appropriation of targeted advertising infrastructures for government behaviour change campaigns. First Monday, 29 (2). ISSN 1396-0466

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