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Items where subject is "Aeronautics. Aeronautical engineering"

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Basu, Tathagata and Einbeck, Jochen and Troffaes, Matthias C. M.; Vasile, Massimilano, ed. (2021) Uncertainty quantification in lasso-type regularization problems. In: Optimization Under Uncertainty with Applications to Aerospace Engineering. Springer International Publishing AG, Cham, Switzerland, pp. 81-109. ISBN 9783030601669

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Ewe, Win Eng and Sopian, Kamaruzzaman and Mohanraj, Murugesan and Fudholi, Ahmad and Asim, Nilofar and Ibrahim, Adnan (2023) Exergetic performance of jet impingement bifacial photovoltaic-thermal solar air collector with different packing factors and jet distributions. Heat Transfer Engineering. ISSN 0145-7632

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da Graça Marto, Simão and Díaz Riofrío, Sebastián and Ilioudis, Christos and Clemente, Carmine and Vasile, Massimiliano (2023) Satellite manoeuvre detection with multistatic radar. Journal of the Astronautical Sciences, 70 (5). 36. ISSN 0021-9142

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