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Open Access research that uses mathematical models to solve ecological problems...

Solving a variety of ecological and biological problems is the focus of marine population modelling research conducted within the Department of Mathematics & Statistics. Here research deploys mathematical models to better understanding issues relating to fish stock management, ecosystem dynamics, ocean currents, and the effects of multispecies interactions within diverse marine ecosystems.

Research work in marine population modelling interfaces with a number of other key research specialisms, including mathematical biology, epidemiology and statistical informatics, where investigations are improving human understanding of the behaviour of infectious diseases, particularly in relation to animal infections; but also the modelling of complex biological processes such as antibiotic prodcution in actinobacteria.

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Dodoo, Jennifer and Stokes, Adam A. (2020) Field-induced shaping of sessile paramagnetic drops. Physics of Fluids, 32. 061703. ISSN 1070-6631

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