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Items where subject is "Atomic physics. Constitution and properties of matter"

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Abend, Sven and Allard, Baptiste and Arnold, Aidan S. and Ban, Ticijana and Barry, Liam and Battelier, Baptiste and Bawamia, Ahmad and Beaufils, Quentin and Bernon, Simon and Bertoldi, Andrea and Bonnin, Alexis and Bouyer, Philippe and Bresson, Alexandre and Burrow, Oliver S. and Canuel, Benjamin and Desruelle, Bruno and Drougakis, Giannis and Forsberg, René and Gaaloul, Naceur and Gauguet, Alexandre and Gersemann, Matthias and Griffin, Paul F. and Heine, Hendrik and Henderson, Victoria A. and Herr, Waldemar and Kanthak, Simon and Krutzik, Markus and Lachmann, Maike D. and Lammegger, Roland and Magnes, Werner and Mileti, Gaetano and Mitchell, Morgan W. and Mottini, Sergio and Papazoglou, Dimitris and Pereira dos Santos, Franck and Peters, Achim and Rasel, Ernst and Riis, Erling and Schubert, Christian and Seidel, Stephan Tobias and Tino, Guglielmo M. and Van Den Bossche, Mathias and von Klitzing, Wolf and Wicht, Andreas and Witkowski, Marcin and Zahzam, Nassim and Zawada, Michał (2023) Technology roadmap for cold-atoms based quantum inertial sensor in space. AVS Quantum Science, 5 (1). 019201. ISSN 2639-0213

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