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Fowler-Wright, Piper and Arnardóttir, Kristín B. and Kirton, Peter and Lovett, Brendon W. and Keeling, Jonathan (2023) Determining the validity of cumulant expansions for central spin models. Physical Review Research, 5 (3). 033148. ISSN 2643-1564

Di Carli, Andrea and Cruickshank, Robbie and Mitchell, Matt and La Rooij, Arthur and Kuhr, Stefan and Creffield, Charles and Haller, Elmar (2023) Instabilities of interacting matter waves in optical lattices with Floquet driving. Physical Review Research, 5 (3). 033024. ISSN 2643-1564

Robb, G. R. M. and Walker, J. G. M. and Oppo, G.-L. and Ackemann, T. A. (2023) Long-range interactions in a quantum gas mediated by diffracted light. Physical Review Research, 5 (3). L032004. ISSN 2643-1564

Johnstone, Dean and Öhberg, Patrik and Duncan, Callum W. (2023) Interacting bosons on crystalline and quasiperiodic ladders in a magnetic field. Physical Review Research, 5 (2). 023195. ISSN 2643-1564

Marques, A. M. and Mögerle, J. and Pelegrí, G. and Flannigan, S. and Dias, R. G. and Daley, A. J. (2023) Kaleidoscopes of Hofstadter butterflies and Aharonov-Bohm caging from 2n-root topology in decorated square lattices. Physical Review Research, 5 (2). 023110. ISSN 2643-1564


Franzen, Tobias and Guttridge, Alexander and Wilson, Kali E. and Segal, Jack and Frye, Matthew D. and Hutson, Jeremy M. and Cornish, Simon L. (2022) Observation of magnetic Feshbach resonances between Cs and 173Yb. Physical Review Research, 4 (4). 043072. ISSN 2643-1564

Han, Yucen and Dalby, James and Majumdar, Apala and Carter, Benjamin M. G. D. and Machon, Thomas (2022) Uniaxial versus biaxial pathways in one-dimensional cholesteric liquid crystals. Physical Review Research, 4 (3). L032018. ISSN 2643-1564

Hashizume, Tomohiro and McCulloch, Ian P. and Halimeh, Jad C. (2022) Dynamical phase transitions in the two-dimensional transverse-field Ising model. Physical Review Research, 4 (1). 013250. ISSN 2643-1564

Hashizume, Tomohiro and Bentsen, Gregory S. and Daley, Andrew J. (2022) Measurement-induced phase transitions in sparse nonlocal scramblers. Physical Review Research, 4 (1). 013174. ISSN 2643-1564


Couperus Cabadağ, J. P. and Pausch, R. and Schöbel, S. and Bussmann, M. and Chang, Y. Y. and Corde, S. and Debus, A. and Ding, H. and Döpp, A. and Foerster, F. M. and Gilljohann, M. and Haberstroh, F. and Heinemann, T. and Hidding, B. and Karsch, S. and Koehler, A. and Kononenko, O. and Knetsch, A. and Kurz, T. and Martinez de la Ossa, A. and Nutter, A. and Raj, G. and Steiniger, K. and Schramm, U. and Ufer, P. and Irman, A. (2021) Gas-dynamic density downramp injection in a beam-driven plasma wakefield accelerator. Physical Review Research, 3 (4). L042005. ISSN 2643-1564

Tilly, Jules and Sriluckshmy, P. V. and Patel, Akashkumar and Fontana, Enrico and Rungger, Ivan and Grant, Edward and Anderson, Robert and Tennyson, Jonathan and Booth, George H. (2021) Reduced density matrix sampling : Self-consistent embedding and multiscale electronic structure on current generation quantum computers. Physical Review Research, 3 (3). 033230. ISSN 2643-1564

Wilson, Kali E. and Guttridge, Alexander and Liu, I-Kang and Segal, Jack and Billam, Thomas P. and Parker, Nick G. and Proukakis, N. P. and Cornish, Simon L. (2021) Dynamics of a degenerate Cs-Yb mixture with attractive interspecies interactions. Physical Review Research, 3 (3). 033096. ISSN 2643-1564

Harrison, Timothy and Link, Martin and Behrle, Alexandra and Gao, Kuiyi and Kell, Andreas and Kombe, Johannes and Bernier, Jean-Sébastien and Kollath, Corinna and Köhl, Michael (2021) Decay and revival of a transient trapped Fermi condensate. Physical Review Research, 3 (2). 023205. ISSN 2643-1564

Arrowsmith, C. D. and Shukla, N. and Charitonidis, N. and Boni, R. and Chen, H. and Davenne, T. and Dyson, A. and Froula, D. H. and Gudmundsson, J. T. and Huffman, B. T. and Kadi, Y. and Reville, B. and Richardson, S. and Sarkar, S. and Shaw, J. L. and Silva, L. O. and Simon, P. and Trines, R. M. G. M. and Bingham, R. and Gregori, G. (2021) Generating ultradense pair beams using 400 GeV/c protons. Physical Review Research, 3 (2). 023103. ISSN 2643-1564

Schneider, J. T. and Despres, J. and Thomson, S. J. and Tagliacozzo, L. and Sanchez-Palencia, L. (2021) Spreading of correlations and entanglement in the long-range transverse Ising chain. Physical Review Research, 3 (1). L012022. ISSN 2643-1564


Eliasson, B. and Viktorov, M. and Speirs, D. C. and Ronald, K. and Mansfeld, D. and Phelps, A. D. R. (2020) Observation of electron cyclotron harmonic emissions due to electrostatic instabilities in mirror-confined plasma. Physical Review Research, 2 (4). 043272. ISSN 2643-1564

Frazer, T. P. and Wilson, R. and King, M. and Butler, N. M. H. and Carroll, D. C. and Duff, M. J. and Higginson, A. and Jarrett, J. and Davidson, Z. E. and Armstrong, C. and Liu, H. and Neely, D. and Gray, R. J. and McKenna, P. (2020) Enhanced laser intensity and ion acceleration due to self-focusing in relativistically transparent ultrathin targets. Physical Review Research, 2. 042015. ISSN 2643-1564

Mark, M. J. and Flannigan, S. and Meinert, F. and D'Incao, J. P. and Daley, A. J. and Nägerl, H.-C. (2020) Interplay between coherent and dissipative dynamics of bosonic doublons in an optical lattice. Physical Review Research, 2 (4). 043050. ISSN 2643-1564

Noh, JungHyun and Wang, Yiwei and Liang, Hsin-Ling and Rao Jampani, Venkata Subba and Majumdar, Apala and Lagerwall, Jan P.F. (2020) Dynamic tuning of the director field in liquid crystal shells using block copolymers. Physical Review Research. 033160. ISSN 2643-1564

Viola, Shaun and Chen, Zhaozhong and Yao, Alison M. and Valyrakis, Manousos and Kelly, Anthony E. and McKee, David and Lavery, Martin P. J. (2020) Degradation of light carrying orbital angular momentum by ballistic scattering. Physical Review Research, 2 (3). 033093. ISSN 2643-1564

Garbin, Bruno and Fatome, Julien and Oppo, Gian-Luca and Erkintalo, Miro and Murdoch, Stuart G. and Coen, Stéphane (2020) Asymmetric balance in symmetry breaking. Physical Review Research, 2 (2). 023244. ISSN 2643-1564

Baio, Giuseppe and Robb, Gordon R. M. and Yao, Alison M. and Oppo, Gian-Luca (2020) Optomechanical transport of cold atoms induced by structured light. Physical Review Research, 2 (2). 023126. ISSN 2643-1564

Raj, G. and Kononenko, O. and Gilljohann, M. F. and Doche, A. and Davoine, X. and Caizergues, C. and Chang, Y.-Y. and Couperus Cabadağ, J. P. and Debus, A. and Ding, H. and Förster, M. and Goddet, J.-P. and Heinemann, T. and Kluge, T. and Kurz, T. and Pausch, R. and Rousseau, P. and San Miguel Claveria, P. and Schöbel, S. and Siciak, A. and Steiniger, K. and Tafzi, A. and Yu, S. and Hidding, B. and Martinez de la Ossa, A. and Irman, A. and Karsch, S. and Döpp, A. and Schramm, U. and Gremillet, L. and Corde, S. (2020) Probing ultrafast magnetic-field generation by current filamentation instability in femtosecond relativistic laser-matter interactions. Physical Review Research, 2 (2). 023123. ISSN 2643-1564

Gribben, Dominic and Strathearn, Aidan and Iles-Smith, Jake and Kilda, Dainius and Nazir, Ahsan and Lovett, Brendon W. and Kirton, Peter (2020) Exact quantum dynamics in structured environments. Physical Review Research, 2 (1). 013265. ISSN 2643-1564

Yoffe, S. R. and Lehe, R. and Ersfeld, B. and Brunetti, E. and Vieux, G. and Noble, A. and Eliasson, B. and Hur, M. S. and Vay, J.-Luc. and Jaroszynski, D. A. (2020) Particle-in-cell simulation of plasma-based amplification using a moving window. Physical Review Research, 2 (1). 013227. ISSN 2643-1564

McArthur, Duncan and Yao, Alison M. and Papoff, Francesco (2020) Scattering of light with angular momentum from an array of particles. Physical Review Research, 2 (1). 013100. ISSN 2643-1564


Jenei, Máté and Potanina, Elina and Zhao, Ruichen and Tan, Kuan Y. and Rossi, Alessandro and Tanttu, Tuomo and Chan, Kok W. and Sevriuk, Vasilii and Möttönen, Mikko and Dzurak, Andrew (2019) Waiting time distributions in a two-level fluctuator coupled to a superconducting charge detector. Physical Review Research, 1 (3). 033163. ISSN 2643-1564

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