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Henderson, S.S. and Bernert, M. and Brida, D. and Cavedon, M. and David, P. and Dux, R. and Février, O. and Järvinen, A. and Kallenbach, A. and Komm, M. and McDermott, R. and O’Mullane, M., The ASDEX Upgrade Team, The EUROfusion MST1 team (2023) Divertor detachment and reattachment with mixed impurity seeding on ASDEX Upgrade. Nuclear Fusion, 63 (8). 086024. ISSN 0029-5515

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Kiptily, V.G. and Ben Yaala, M., JET Contributors (2021) Evidence for Alfvén eigenmodes driven by alpha particles in D-3He fusion experiments on JET. Nuclear Fusion, 61 (11). 114006. ISSN 0029-5515


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Zhang, Yihang and Wang, Wei-Min and Li, Yutong and Zhang, Zhe and McKenna, Paul and Neely, David and Zhang, Jie (2019) Effects of internal target structures on laser-driven neutron production. Nuclear Fusion. ISSN 0029-5515 (In Press)

Pütterich, T. and Fable, E. and Dux, R. and O'Mullane, M. and Neu, R. and Siccinio, M. (2019) Determination of the tolerable impurity concentrations in a fusion reactor using a consistent set of cooling factors. Nuclear Fusion, 59 (5). 056013. ISSN 0029-5515


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