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Strathclyde researchers are highly active in the areas of space systems, astronautics, space science, and space mechatronics. Researchers from Physics within the Centre for Space Science and Applications, the Aerospace Centre of Excellence in MAE, the Space Mechatronic Systems Technology (SMeSTech) Laboratory within DMEM, and researchers in EEE, all explore the engineering and scientific challenges within space, with topics such as spaceflight mechanics, robotics for in-orbit satellite services and refuelling, and satellite-based ocean colour remote sensing, among many others.

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Verhaegh, K. and Lipschultz, B. and Harrison, J.R. and Duval, B.P. and Fil, A. and Wensing, M. and Bowman, C. and Gahle, D.S. and Kukushkin, A. and Moulton, D. and Perek, A. and Pshenov, A. and Federici, F. and Février, O. and Myatra, O. and Smolders, A. and Theiler, C. and the TCV Team and the EUROfusion MST1 Team (2021) The role of plasma-molecule interactions on power and particle balance during detachment on the TCV tokamak. Nuclear Fusion, 61 (10). 106014. ISSN 0029-5515

Simpson, J. and Moulton, D. and Giroud, C. and Casson, F. and Groth, M. and Chankin, A. and Horvath, L. and Gahle, D.S. and Garzotti, L. and Corrigan, G. and Kochl, F., JET Contributors (2021) An examination of the Neutral Penetration Model 1/ne,ped scaling for its validity of spatially varying neutral sources. Nuclear Materials and Energy, 28. 101037. ISSN 2352-1791

Verhaegh, K and Lipschultz, B and Bowman, C and Duval, B P and Fantz, U and Fil, A and Harrison, J R and Moulton, D and Myatra, O and Wünderlich, D and Federici, F and Gahle, D S and Perek, A and Wensing, M (2021) A novel hydrogenic spectroscopic technique for inferring the role of plasma-molecule interaction on power and particle balance during detached conditions. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 63 (3). 035018. ISSN 0741-3335

Verhaegh, Kevin and Lipschultz, Bruce and Harrison, James and Duval, Basil and Bowman, Chris and Fil, Alexandre and Gahle, Daljeet Singh and Moulton, David and Myatra, Omkar and Perek, Artur and Theiler, Christian and Wensing, Mirko, MST1 team, TCV team (2021) A study of the influence of plasma–molecule interactions on particle balance during detachment. Nuclear Materials and Energy, 26. 100922. ISSN 2352-1791


Smolders, A. and Wensing, M. and Carli, S. and de Oliveira, H. and Dekeyser, W. and Duval, B. P. and Février, O. and Gahle, D. and Martinelli, L. and Reimerdes, H. and Theiler, C. and Verhaegh, K. (2020) Comparison of high density and nitrogen seeded detachment using SOLPS-ITER simulations of the tokamak á configuration variable. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 62 (12). 125006. ISSN 0741-3335


Verhaegh, K. and Lipschultz, B. and Duval, B. P. and Fil, A. and Wensing, M. and Bowman, C. and Gahle, D. S. (2019) Novel inferences of ionisation and recombination for particle/power balance during detached discharges using deuterium Balmer line spectroscopy. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 61 (12). 125018. ISSN 0741-3335

Verhaegh, K. and Lipschultz, B. and Duval, B. P. and Février, O. and Fil, A. and Theiler, C. and Wensing, M. and Bowman, C. and Gahle, D. S. and Harrison, J. R. and Labit, B. and Marini, C. and Maurizio, R. and De Oliveira, H. and Reimerdes, H. and Sheikh, U. and Tsui, C. K. and Vianello, N. and Vijvers, W. A.J. (2019) An improved understanding of the roles of atomic processes and power balance in divertor target ion current loss during detachment. Nuclear Fusion, 59 (12). 126038. ISSN 0029-5515

Labit, B. and Eich, T. and Harrer, G.F. and Gahle, D. and Henderson, S., EUROfusion MST1 Team (2019) Dependence on plasma shape and plasma fueling for small edge-localized mode regimes in TCV and ASDEX Upgrade. Nuclear Fusion, 59 (8). 086020. ISSN 0029-5515

Henderson, S.S. and Bernert, M. and Brezinsek, S. and Carr, M. and Cavedon, M. and Dux, R. and Gahle, D.S. and Harrison, J. and Kallenbach, A. and Lipschultz, B. and Lomanowski, B. and Meigs, A. and O'Mullane, M. and Reimold, F. and Reinke, M.L. and Wiesen, S., The EUROfusion MST1 team, ASDEX Upgrade team, JET Contributors (2019) An assessment of nitrogen concentrations from spectroscopic measurements in the JET and ASDEX upgrade divertor. Nuclear Materials and Energy, 18. pp. 147-152.

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