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Cowie, Raelene M. and Macri-Pellizzeri, Laura and McLaren, Jane and Sanderson, William J. and Felfel, Reda M. and Scotchford, Colin A. and Scammell, Brigitte E. and Grant, David M. and Sottile, Virginie and Jennings, Louise M. (2024) Functional performance of a bi-layered chitosan-nano-hydroxyapatite osteochondral scaffold : a pre-clinical in vitro tribological study. Royal Society Open Science, 11 (1). 230431. ISSN 2054-5703


Asciak, Lisa and Gilmour, Lauren and Williams, Jonathan A. and Foster, Euan and Díaz-García, Lara and McCormick, Christopher and Windmill, James F. C. and Mulvana, Helen E. and Jackson-Camargo, Joseph C. and Domingo-Roca, Roger (2023) Investigating multi-material hydrogel three-dimensional printing for in vitro representation of the neo-vasculature of solid tumours : a comprehensive mechanical analysis and assessment of nitric oxide release from human umbilical vein endothelial cells. Royal Society Open Science, 10 (8). 230929. ISSN 2054-5703


MacKenzie, Lewis E. and Alvarez-Ruiz, Diana and Pal, Robert (2022) Low-temperature open-air synthesis of PVP-coated NaYF 4:Yb,Er,Mn upconversion nanoparticles with strong red emission. Royal Society Open Science, 9 (1). 211508. ISSN 2054-5703


Hancock, Steven and McGrath, Ciara and Lowe, Christopher and Davenport, Ian and Woodhouse, Iain (2021) Requirements for a global lidar system : spaceborne lidar with wall-to-wall coverage. Royal Society Open Science, 8 (12). 211166. ISSN 2054-5703

Stark, Callum and Shi, Weichao (2021) Hydroacoustic and hydrodynamic investigation of bio-inspired leading-edge tubercles on marine-ducted thrusters. Royal Society Open Science, 8 (9). 210402. ISSN 2054-5703

Brozio, Sarah and O’Shaughnessy, Erin M. and Woods, Stuart and Hall-Barrientos, Ivan and Martin, Patricia E. and Kennedy, Malcolm W. and Lamprou, Dimitrios A. and Hoskisson, Paul A. (2021) Frog nest foams exhibit pharmaceutical foam-like properties. Royal Society Open Science, 8 (9). 210048. ISSN 2054-5703


Alharbi, Sarah A.H. and Button, Katherine and Zhang, Lingshan and O'Shea, Kieran J. and Fasolt, Vanessa and Lee, Anthony J. and DeBruine, Lisa M. and Jones, Benedict C. (2020) Are affective factors related to individual differences in facial expression recognition? Affective factors and facial expressions. Royal Society Open Science, 7 (9). 190699. ISSN 2054-5703

Cameron, R. P. and Vogl, U. and Trautmann, N. (2020) Interference-contrast optical activity: a new technique for probing the chirality of anisotropic samples and more. Royal Society Open Science, 7 (5). 192201. ISSN 2054-5703

Grant, Stephen D. and Richford, Kyle and Burdett, Heidi L. and McKee, David and Patton, Brian R. (2020) Low-cost, open-access quantitative phase imaging of algal cells using the transport of intensity equation. Royal Society Open Science, 7 (1). 191921. ISSN 2054-5703


Dvurecenska, Ksenija and Graham, Steve and Patelli, Edoardo and Patterson, Eann A. (2019) Correction to 'A probabilistic metric for the validation of computational models'. Royal Society Open Science, 6 (12). 191986. ISSN 2054-5703

Zhang, Lingshan and Wang, Hongyi and Lee, Anthony J. and DeBruine, Lisa M. and Jones, Benedict C. (2019) Chinese and UK participants' preferences for physical attractiveness and social status in potential mates. Royal Society Open Science, 6 (11). 181243. ISSN 2054-5703

Johnstone, Graeme E. and Cairns, Gemma S. and Patton, Brian R. (2019) Nanodiamonds enable adaptive-optics enhanced, super-resolution, two-photon excitation microscopy. Royal Society Open Science, 6 (7). 190589. ISSN 2054-5703

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Windmill, James F. C. and Jackson, Joseph C. and Pook, Victoria G. and Robert, Daniel (2018) Frequency doubling by active in vivo motility of mechanosensory neurons in the mosquito ear. Royal Society Open Science, 5. 171082. ISSN 2054-5703


Muir, Rowan Eveline and Arredondo-Galeana, Abel and Viola, Ignazio Maria (2017) The leading-edge vortex of swift wing-shaped delta wings. Royal Society Open Science, 4 (8). 170077. ISSN 2054-5703

Kearns, Hayleigh and Ali, Fatima and Bedics, Matthew A. and Shand, Neil C. and Faulds, Karen and Detty, Michael R. and Graham, Duncan (2017) Sensitive SERS nanotags for use with a hand-held 1064 nm Raman spectrometer. Royal Society Open Science, 4 (7). 170422. ISSN 2054-5703

Higham, Desmond J. and Batty, Michael and Bettencourt, Luís M A and Greetham, Danica Vukadinović and Grindrod, Peter (2017) An overview of city analytics. Royal Society Open Science, 4 (2). 161063. ISSN 2054-5703


Reid, William D.K. and Close, Andrew J. and Humphrey, Suzanne and Chaloner, Gemma and Lacharme-Lora, Lizeth and Rothwell, Lisa and Kaiser, Pete and Williams, Nicola J. and Humphrey, Tom J. and Wigley, Paul and Rushton, Stephen P. (2016) Cytokine responses in birds challenged with the human food-borne pathogen Campylobacter jejuni implies a Th17 response. Royal Society Open Science, 3 (3). 150541. ISSN 2054-5703


Griffiths, Kate and Hou, Rong and Wang, Hairui and Zhang, Zhihe and Zhang, Liang and Zhang, Tong and Watson, David G. and Burchmore, Richard J. S. and Loeffler, I. Kati and Kennedy, Malcolm W. (2015) Prolonged transition time between colostrum and mature milk in a bear, the giant panda, Ailuropoda melanoleuca. Royal Society Open Science, 2 (10). p. 150395. ISSN 2054-5703

Hill, A. A. and Dewé, T. and Kosmider, R. and Von Dobschuetz, S. and Munoz, O. and Hanna, A. and Fusaro, A. and De Nardi, M. and Howard, W. and Stevens, K. and Kelly, L. and Havelaar, A. and Stärk, K. (2015) Modelling the species jump : towards assessing the risk of human infection from novel avian influenzas. Royal Society Open Science, 2 (9). 150173.

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