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Strathprints makes available Open Access scholarly outputs by Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship based within Strathclyde Business School. Particular research specialisms within the Hunter Centre include better understanding the dynamics of how new technologies and business models move from concept to market. This research aligns with another local specialism, 'entrepreneurial ecosystems', which seeks to codify the role of context and systemic influences on entrepreneurship.

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El-Zubir, Osama and Rojas Martinez, Pablo and Dura, Gema and Al-Mahamad, Lamia L.G. and Pope, Thomas and Penfold, Thomas J. and MacKenzie, Lewis E. and Pal, Robert and Mosely, Jackie A. and Cucinotta, Fabio and McGarry, Liam F. and Horrocks, Benjamin R. and Houlton, Andrew (2022) Circularly polarised luminescence in an RNA-based homochiral, self-repairing, coordination polymer hydrogel. Journal of Materials Chemistry. C, 10 (18). pp. 7329-7335. ISSN 2050-7526

Kotova, Oxana and O'Reilly, Ciaran and Barwich, Sebastian T. and MacKenzie, Lewis E. and Lynes, Amy D. and Savyasachi, Aramballi J. and Ruether, Manuel and Pal, Robert and Möbius, Matthias E. and Gunnlaugsson, Thorfinnur (2022) Lanthanide luminescence from supramolecular hydrogels consisting of bio-conjugated picolinic-acid-based guanosine quadruplexes. Chem, 8 (5). pp. 1395-1414. ISSN 2451-9294

MacKenzie, Lewis E. and Alvarez-Ruiz, Diana and Pal, Robert (2022) Low-temperature open-air synthesis of PVP-coated NaYF 4:Yb,Er,Mn upconversion nanoparticles with strong red emission. Royal Society Open Science, 9 (1). 211508. ISSN 2054-5703

Stachelek, Patrycja and MacKenzie, Lewis and Parker, David and Pal, Robert (2022) Circularly polarised luminescence laser scanning confocal microscopy to study live cell chiral molecular interactions. Nature Communications, 13. 553. ISSN 2041-1723

MacKenzie, Lewis (2022) Light giving tiny things to reveal and show important air inside blood through body parts. In: RSC Chemical Nanosciences and Nanotechnology Network Annual Symposium, 2022-01-17 - 2022-01-18, Royal Society of Chemistry.


Yim, King-Him and Yeung, Chi-Tung and Probert, Michael R. and Chan, Wesley Ting Kwok and Mackenzie, Lewis E. and Pal, Robert and Wong, Wing-Tak and Law, Ga-Lai (2021) Helicate-to-tetrahedron transformation of chiral lanthanide supramolecular complexes induced by ionic radii effect and linker length. Communications Chemistry, 4 (1). 116. ISSN 2399-3669

Zhang, Junhui and Dai, Lixiong and Webster, Alexandra M. and Chan, Wesley Ting Kwok and Mackenzie, Lewis E. and Pal, Robert and Cobb, Steven L. and Law, Ga-Lai (2021) Unusual magnetic field responsive circularly polarized luminescence probes with highly emissive chiral europium(III) complexes. Angewandte Chemie, 133 (2). pp. 1017-1023. ISSN 1433-7851


MacKenzie, Lewis E. and Pal, Robert (2020) Circularly polarized lanthanide luminescence for advanced security inks. Nature Reviews Chemistry, 5. 109–124. ISSN 2397-3358

Desai, Roshni A. and Davies, Andrew L . and Del Rossi, Natalie and Tachrount, Mohamed and Dyson, Alex and Gustavson, Britta and Kaynezhad, Pardis and MacKenzie, Lewis and van der Putten, Marieke A. and McElroy, Daniel and Schiza, Dimitra and Linington, Christopher and Singer, Mervyn and Harvey, Andrew R. and Tachtsidis, Ilias and Golay, Xavier and Smith, Kenneth J. (2020) Nimodipine reduces dysfunction and demyelination in models of multiple sclerosis. Annals of Neurology, 88 (1). pp. 123-136. ISSN 0364-5134

MacKenzie, Lewis E. and Pålsson, Lars-Olof and Parker, David and Beeby, Andrew and Pal, Robert (2020) Rapid time-resolved circular polarization luminescence (CPL) emission spectroscopy. Nature Communications, 11 (1). pp. 1-9. 1676. ISSN 2041-1723


Dai, Lixiong and Zhang, Junhui and Chen, Yuqing and MacKenzie, Lewis E. and Pal, Robert and Law, Ga-Lai (2019) Synthesis of water-soluble chiral DOTA lanthanide complexes with predominantly twisted square antiprism isomers and circularly polarized luminescence. Inorganic Chemistry, 58 (19). 12506–12510. ISSN 0020-1669

MacKenzie, Lewis E. (2019) Science podcasts : analysis of global production and output from 2004 to 2018. Royal Society Open Science, 6 (1). pp. 1-18. 180932. ISSN 2054-5703


MacKenzie, L.E. and Choudhary, T.R. and Fernandez Ramos, J. and Benjamin, N. and Delles, C. and Harvey, A.R. (2018) Dye-free retinal angiography using blood-oxygenation modulation. Other. bioRxiv, New York.

Nampi, Padmaja P. and Vakurov, Alexander and MacKenzie, Lewis E. and Scrutton, Nigel S. and Millner, Paul A. and Jose, Gin and Saha, Sikha (2018) Selective cellular imaging with lanthanide‐based upconversion nanoparticles. Journal of Biophotonics, 12 (4). pp. 1-9. e201800256. ISSN 1864-063X


MacKenzie, Lewis. E. and Harvey, Andy. R. and McNaught, Andy. I. (2017) Spectroscopic oximetry in the eye : a review. Expert Review of Ophthalmology, 12 (4). pp. 345-356. ISSN 1746-9899

van der Putten, Marieke A and MacKenzie, Lewis E. and Davies, Andrew L . and Fernandez-Ramos, Javier and Desai, Roshni A. and Smith, Kenneth J. and Harvey, Andrew R. (2017) A multispectral microscope for in vivo oximetry of rat dorsal spinal cord vasculature. Physiological Measurement, 38 (2). pp. 205-218. ISSN 1361-6579


MacKenzie, L.E. and Choudhary, T.R. and McNaught, A.I. and Harvey, A.R. (2016) In vivo oximetry of human bulbar conjunctival and episcleral microvasculature using snapshot multispectral imaging. Experimental Eye Research, 149. pp. 48-58. ISSN 0014-4835

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