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Cheng, Yong and Song, Fukai and Fu, Lei and Dai, Saishuai and Yuan, Zhiming and Incecik, Atilla (2024) Experimental investigation of a dual-pontoon WEC-type breakwater with a hydraulic-pneumatic complementary power take-off system. Energy, 286. 129427. ISSN 1873-6785


Atsonios, Konstantinos and Li, Jun and Inglezakis, Vassilis J. (2023) Process analysis and comparative assessment of advanced thermochemical pathways for e-kerosene production. Energy, 278 (Part A). 127868. ISSN 1873-6785

Cheng, Yong and Song, Fukai and Xi, Chen and Collu, Maurizio and Yuan, Zhiming and Incecik, Atilla (2023) Feasibility of integrating a very large floating structure with multiple wave energy converters combining oscillating water columns and oscillating flaps. Energy, 274. 127301. ISSN 1873-6785

Koroglu, Turgay and Sogut, Oguz Salim (2023) Developing criteria for advanced exergoeconomic performance analysis of thermal energy systems : application to a marine steam power plant. Energy, 267. 126582. ISSN 1873-6785

Pourali, Mahmoud and Kavianpour, Mohamad Reza and Kamranzad, Bahareh and Alizadeh, Mohamad Javad (2023) Future variability of wave energy in the Gulf of Oman using a high resolution CMIP6 climate model. Energy, 262 (Part B). 125552. ISSN 1873-6785


Walsh, Angélica and Cóstola, Daniel and Labaki, Lucila Chebel (2022) Performance-based climatic zoning method for building energy efficiency applications using cluster analysis. Energy, 255. 124477. ISSN 1873-6785

Kalikatzarakis, Miltiadis and Theotokatos, Gerasimos and Coraddu, Andrea and Sayan, Paul and Wong, Seng Yew (2022) Model based analysis of the boil-off gas management and control for LNG fuelled vessels. Energy, 251. 123872. ISSN 1873-6785

Wen, Yi and Kamranzad, Bahareh and Lin, Pengzhi (2022) Joint exploitation potential of offshore wind and wave energy along the south and southeast coasts of China. Energy, 249. 123710. ISSN 1873-6785

Zhang, Ji and Zhang, Xiaomeng and Zhang, Zhixiang and Zhou, Peilin and Zhang, Yan and Yuan, Han (2022) Performance improvement of ocean thermal energy conversion organic Rankine cycle under temperature glide effect. Energy, 246. 123440. ISSN 1873-6785

González, Fabián Fuentes and Webb, Janette and Sharmina, Maria and Hannon, Matthew and Braunholtz-Speight, Timothy and Pappas, Dimitrios (2022) Local energy businesses in the United Kingdom : clusters and localism determinants based on financial ratios. Energy, 239. 122119. ISSN 1873-6785

Trivyza, Nikoletta L. and Rentizelas, Athanasios and Theotokatos, Gerasimos and Boulougouris, Evangelos (2022) Decision support methods for sustainable ship energy systems : a state-of-the-art review. Energy, 239 (Part C). p. 122288. 122288. ISSN 1873-6785

Lyden, Andrew and Tuohy, Paul Gerard (2022) Planning level sizing of heat pumps and hot water tanks incorporating model predictive control and future electricity tariffs. Energy, 238. 121731. ISSN 1873-6785


Sarasa, Cristina and Turner, Karen (2021) Can a combination of efficiency initiatives give us "good" rebound effects? Energy, 235. 121335. ISSN 1873-6785

Qi, Haijie and Yue, Hong and Zhang, Jiangfeng and Lo, Kwok L. (2021) Optimisation of a smart energy hub with integration of combined heat and power, demand side response and energy storage. Energy, 234. pp. 1-14. 121268. ISSN 1873-6785

Balcombe, Paul and Staffell, Iain and Kerdan, Ivan Garcia and Speirs, Jamie F. and Brandon, Nigel P. and Hawkes, Adam D. (2021) How can LNG-fuelled ships meet decarbonisation targets? An environmental and economic analysis. Energy, 227. 120462. ISSN 0360-5442

Wen, Yi and Kamranzad, Bahareh and Lin, Pengzhi (2021) Assessment of long-term offshore wind energy potential in the south and southeast coasts of China based on a 55-year dataset. Energy, 224. 120225. ISSN 1873-6785

Fuentes González, Fabián and Webb, Janette and Sharmina, Maria and Hannon, Matthew and Pappas, Dimitrios and Tingey, Margaret (2021) Characterising a local energy business sector in the United Kingdom : participants, revenue sources, and estimates of localism and smartness. Energy, 223. 120045. ISSN 1873-6785

Garba, Ifeoluwa and Bellingham, Richard (2021) Energy poverty : estimating the impact of solid cooking fuels on GDP per capita in developing countries - case of sub-Saharan Africa. Energy, 221. 119770. ISSN 1873-6785


Acha, Salvador and Le Brun, Niccolo and Damaskou, Maria and Fubara, Tekena Craig and Mulgundmath, Vinay and Markides, Christos N. and Shah, Nilay (2020) Fuel cells as combined heat and power systems in commercial buildings : a case study in the food-retail sector. Energy, 206. 118046. ISSN 1873-6785

Li, Liang and Gao, Zhen (2020) Maximization of wave power extraction of a heave point absorber with a sea-state-based causal control algorithm. Energy, 204. 117881. ISSN 1873-6785

Mawson, Victoria Jayne and Hughes, Ben Richard (2020) Thermal modelling of manufacturing processes and HVAC systems. Energy, 204. 117984. ISSN 1873-6785

Karunarathna, Harshine and Maduwantha, Pravin and Kamranzad, Bahareh and Ratnasooriya, Harsha and de Silva, Kasun (2020) Evaluation of spatio-temporal variability of ocean wave power resource around Sri Lanka. Energy, 200. pp. 1-20. 117503. ISSN 1873-6785

Allan, Grant and Comerford, David and Connolly, Kevin and McGregor, Peter and Ross, Andrew G. (2020) The economic and environmental impacts of UK offshore wind development : the importance of local content. Energy, 199. 117436. ISSN 1873-6785

Bolbot, Victor and Trivyza, Nikoletta L. and Theotokatos, Gerasimos and Boulougouris, Evangelos and Rentizelas, Athanasios and Vassalos, Dracos (2020) Cruise ships power plant optimisation and comparative analysis. Energy, 196. 117061. ISSN 1873-6785

Li, Huanhuan and Xu, Beibei and Arzaghi, Ehsan and Abbassi, Rouzbeh and Chen, Diyi and Aggidis, George A. and Zhang, Jingjing and Patelli, Edoardo (2020) Transient safety assessment and risk mitigation of a hydroelectric generation system. Energy, 196. 117135. ISSN 1873-6785


Chen, Xu and Yue, Hong and Yu, Kunjie (2019) Perturbed stochastic fractal search for solar PV parameter estimation. Energy, 189. ISSN 1873-6785

Lee, Chul-sung and Hoes, P. and Cóstola, D. and Hensen, J.L.M. (2019) Assessing the performance potential of climate adaptive greenhouse shells. Energy, 175. pp. 534-545. ISSN 1873-6785

Trivyza, Nikoletta L. and Rentizelas, Athanasios and Theotokatos, Gerasimos (2019) Impact of carbon pricing on the cruise ship energy systems optimal configuration. Energy, 175. pp. 952-966. ISSN 1873-6785

Krarti, Moncef and Dubey, Kankana and Howarth, Nicholas (2019) Energy productivity analysis framework for buildings : a case study of GCC region. Energy, 167. pp. 1251-1265. ISSN 1873-6785


Li, Liang and Yuan, Zhiming and Gao, Yan (2018) Maximization of energy absorption for a wave energy converter using the deep machine learning. Energy, 165 (Part A). pp. 340-349. ISSN 1873-6785

Li, Huanhuan and Chen, Diyi and Arzaghi, Ehsan and Abbassi, Rouzbeh and Xu, Beibei and Patelli, Edoardo and Tolo, Silvia (2018) Safety assessment of hydro-generating units using experiments and grey-entropy correlation analysis. Energy, 165 (Part A). 222 - 234. ISSN 1873-6785

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Calvillo, C.F. and Sánchez-Miralles, A. and Villar, J. and Martín, Francisco (2017) Impact of EV penetration in the interconnected urban environment of a smart city. Energy, 141. pp. 2218-2233. ISSN 1873-6785

Talebi, Behrang and Haghigat, Fariborz and Tuohy, Paul Gerard and Mirzaie, Parham (2017) Validation of a district energy system model using field measured data. Energy, n/a. n/a. ISSN 1873-6785

Somorin, Tosin Onabanjo and Kolios, Athanasios J. (2017) Prospects of deployment of Jatropha biodiesel-fired plants in Nigeria's power sector. Energy, 135. pp. 726-739. ISSN 1873-6785

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Josifovic, Aleksandar and Roberts, Jennifer J. and Corney, Jonathan and Davies, Bruce and Shipton, Zoe K. (2016) Reducing the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing through design optimisation of positive displacement pumps. Energy, 115 (Part 1). pp. 1216-1233. ISSN 1873-6785

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