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McCormick, Christopher and Jones, Robert L. and Wadsworth, Roger M. and Mullen, Alexander B. and Kennedy, Simon (2016) A polymer coated cicaprost-eluting stent increases neointima formation and impairs vessel function in the rabbit iliac artery. Pharmacology and Pharmacy. ISSN 2157-9431 (In Press)

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McCormick, Christopher and Jones, R.L. and Kennedy, S. and Wadsworth, R.M. (2010) Activation of prostanoid EP receptors by prostacyclin analogues in the rabbit iliac artery: implications for anti-restenotic potential? European Journal of Pharmacology, 641 (2-3). pp. 160-167. ISSN 0014-2999

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Conference or Workshop Item

Jones, R. and Woodward, D. and Wang, J.F. (2008) Investigation of the slow kinetics of the prostanoid ep3 receptor antagonists l-798106 and l-826266 on guinea-pig aorta. In: Federation of European Pharmacological Societies Congress, 2008-07-13 - 2008-07-17.


Wilson, A.M. and Jones, R. and Miller, K. and Pentecost, R. (2009) Marketing research: an integrated approach, 1st Australian edition. Pearson Australia. ISBN 9781442517042

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