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Items where subject is "Nuclear and particle physics. Atomic energy. Radioactivity"

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Aniculaesei, Constantin and Ha, Thanh and Yoffe, Samuel and Labun, Lance and Milton, Stephen and McCary, Edward and Spinks, Michael M. and Quevedo, Hernan J. and Labun, Ou Z. and Sain, Ritwik and Hannasch, Andrea and Zgadzaj, Rafal and Pagano, Isabella and Franco-Altamirano, Jose A. and Ringuette, Martin L. and Gaul, Erhart and Luedtke, Scott V. and Tiwari, Ganesh and Ersfeld, Bernhard and Brunetti, Enrico and Ruhl, Hartmut and Ditmire, Todd and Bruce, Sandra and Donovan, Michael E. and Downer, Michael C. and Jaroszynski, Dino A. and Hegelich, Bjorn Manuel (2024) The acceleration of a high-charge electron bunch to 10 GeV in a 10-cm nanoparticle-assisted wakefield accelerator. Matter and Radiation at Extremes, 9 (1). 014001. ISSN 2468-2047

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Fei, Zhouxiang and West, Graeme and Murray, Paul and Dobie, Gordon (2023) Automated crack feature detection in remote visual inspection of nuclear power plant structures. In: Nuclear Decommissioning Authority Innovation and Technology Roadshow, 2023-06-28 - 2023-06-28, Glasgow, UK.

Geddes, C.G.R. and Assmann, R. and Hogan, M. J. and Musumeci, P. and Habib, A. F. (2022) Report of the Accelerator Frontier Topical Group 6 on Advanced Accelerator Concepts for Snowmass 2021. arXiv.org, [Ithaca, New York].

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King, M and Higginson, A and McGuffey, C and Wilson, R and Schaumann, G and Hodge, T and Ohland, J B and Gales, S and Hill, M P and Pitt, S F and Spindloe, C and Danson, C N and Wei, M S and Beg, F N and Roth, M and Neely, D and Gray, R J and McKenna, P (2023) Geometry effects on energy selective focusing of laser-driven protons with open and closed hemisphere-cone targets. Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 66 (1). 015001. ISSN 0741-3335

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McFarlan, Catriona and Nordon, Alison and Sarsfield, Mark and Taylor, Robin and Chen, Hongyan (2023) Comparison of Raman and mid-infrared spectroscopy for quantification of nitric acid in PUREX-relevant mixtures. Progress in Nuclear Energy, 165. 104898. ISSN 0149-1970

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Vieira, Nicholas and Ruan, John J. and Haggard, Daryl and Ford, Nicole and Drout, Maria R. and Fernández, Rodrigo and Badnell, N. R. (2023) Spectroscopic r-Process Abundance Retrieval for Kilonovae. I. The inferred abundance pattern of early emission from GW170817. The Astrophysical Journal, 944 (2). 123. ISSN 1538-4357

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