Limitations of abundance? : The role of concepts in educational discourse

Kenklies, Karsten; Kenklies, Karsten and Engelmann, Sebastian, eds. (2024) Limitations of abundance? : The role of concepts in educational discourse. In: Education for a Free Society. Paedagogica . Peter Lang, New York, NY, pp. 27-48. ISBN 9781636676968 (

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Intercultural explorations show that traditions of pedagogical discourses can be characterised by their peculiar understanding of the role concepts play within theoretical musings. This results in the existence of not only a variety of approaches to theorising education, but also of structures in which those considerations are institutionalised in academic contexts. The reflections on the role concepts play in theories and practices constitute an important part of Feyerabend’s interest in the shape of a Philosophy of Science. However, although it is peculiar to Feyerabend’s explorations that he concentrates on discussions of theories and concepts in the natural sciences, while musings about the relevance or irrelevance of concepts for discussions in the Social Sciences and/or Humanities are much less extensive, important insights can be drawn from those ponderings for the formulation of educational theories. The chapter will explore the position Feyerabend develops in relation to the relevance of theoretical entities and the inspirations this may offer for the debates around the nature of educational theories and practices: Is there a Feyerabendian approach to educational theorising, and does it suggest a specific Feyerabendian educational practice?