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Being more open: International Open Access Week at Strathprints (19-25 Oct 2020)...

Strathprints makes available scholarly Open Access content by researchers from the University of Strathclyde, spanning numerous disciplines across science, engineering, business, social sciences and humanties. 19-25 October 2020 is International Open Access Week, an annual global event to promote the need for, and benefits of, greater Open Access in scholarship. This not only encompasses greater openness of research publications like journal articles and conference papers, but also important outputs of the research process, such as data (e.g. Open Data).

At Strathclyde we are committed to progressing towards full Open Access by 2025. That is why close to 90% of all research is now made available Open Access, principally through Strathprints. Explore all of Strathclyde's Open Access research...

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Flower, Jack and Hawker, Graeme and Bell, Keith (2020) Heterogeneity of UK residential heat demand and its impact on the value case for heat pumps. Energy Policy, 144. 111593. ISSN 0301-4215

Broad, Oliver and Hawker, Graeme and Dodds, Paul E. (2020) Decarbonising the UK residential sector : the dependence of national abatement on flexible and local views of the future. Energy Policy, 140. 111321. ISSN 0301-4215

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Allison, John and Bell, Keith and Clarke, Joe and Cowie, Andrew and Elsayed, Ahmed and Flett, Graeme and Oluleye, Gbemi and Hawkes, Adam and Hawker, Graeme and Kelly, Nick and Manuela Marinho de Castro, Maria and Sharpe, Tim and Shea, Andy and Strachan, Paul and Tuohy, Paul (2018) Assessing domestic heat storage requirements for energy flexibility over varying timescales. Applied Thermal Engineering, 136. pp. 602-616. ISSN 1359-4311

Di Somma, Marialaura and Valenti, Maria and Ciavarella, Roberto and Graditi, Giorgio and Merino, Julia and Riaño, Sandra and Hawker, Graeme and Carlini, Claudio and Bobinaite, Viktorija and Cornez, Laurence and Gatti, Antonio and Canevese, Silvia (2018) Analysis of necessary evolution of the regulatory framework to enable the Web-of-Cells development : [ELECTRA]. [Report]


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Allison, John and Bell, Keith and Clarke, Joe and Cowie, Andrew and Elsayed, Ahmed and Flett, Graeme and Gbemi, Oluleye and Hawkes, Adam and Hawker, Graeme and Kelly, Nick and Manuela Marinho de Castro, Maria and Sharpe, Timothy and Shea, Andy and Strachan, Paul (2017) Domestic thermal storage requirements for heat demand flexibility. In: The 4th Sustainable Thermal Energy Management International Conference, 2017-06-28 - 2017-06-30, The Golden Tulip Hotel. (In Press)

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