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The Strathprints institutional repository is a digital archive of University of Strathclyde's Open Access research outputs. Strathprints provides access to thousands of Open Access research papers by University of Strathclyde researchers, including by researchers from the Department of Computer & Information Sciences involved in mathematically structured programming, similarity and metric search, computer security, software systems, combinatronics and digital health.

The Department also includes the iSchool Research Group, which performs leading research into socio-technical phenomena and topics such as information retrieval and information seeking behaviour.


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Ritos, Konstantinos and Kokkinakis, Ioannis W. and Drikakis, Dimitris (2017) Physical insight into the accuracy of finely-resolved iLES in turbulent boundary layers. Computers and Fluids. ISSN 0045-7930

Bisht, Manju and Haeri, Sina and Patil, Dhiraj V. (2017) Fluid flow in wall-driven enclosures with corrugated bottom. Computers and Fluids, 152. pp. 1-13. ISSN 0045-7930

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Antoniadis, Antonis F. and Tsoutsanis, Panagiotis and Drikakis, Dimitris (2017) Assessment of high-order finite volume methods on unstructured meshes for RANS solutions of aeronautical configurations. Computers and Fluids, 146. pp. 86-104. ISSN 0045-7930

Gao, Song and Habashi, Wagdi G. and Isola, Dario and Baruzzi, Guido S. and Fossati, Marco (2016) A Jacobian-free edged-based Galerkin formulation for compressible flows. Computers and Fluids. ISSN 0045-7930

Liu, Haihu and Zhang, Yonghao (2016) Lattice Boltzmann simulation of the trapping of a microdroplet in a well of surface energy. Computers and Fluids. ISSN 0045-7930 (In Press)

Turner, Jacob M. and Haeri, Sina and Kim, Jae Wook (2016) Improving the boundary efficiency of a compact finite difference scheme through optimising its composite template. Computers and Fluids, 138. pp. 9-25. ISSN 0045-7930

Cassineli Palharini, Rodrigo and White, Craig and Scanlon, Thomas J. and Brown, Richard E. and Borg, Matthew K. and Reese, Jason M. (2015) Benchmark numerical simulations of rarefied non-reacting gas flows using an open-source DSMC code. Computers and Fluids, 120. pp. 140-157. ISSN 0045-7930

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Kazakidi, Asimina and Tsakiris, Dimitris P. and Angelidis, Dionysios and Sotiropoulos, Fotis and Ekaterinaris, John A. (2015) CFD study of aquatic thrust generation by an octopus-like arm under intense prescribed deformations. Computers and Fluids, 115. pp. 54-65. ISSN 0045-7930

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Qin, Rongshan and Zhang, Yonghao (2006) Lattice Boltzmann study of the effect of stirring on the migration rate of curved interfaces in binary slurries. Computers and Fluids, 35 (8-9). pp. 929-933. ISSN 0045-7930

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