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Armstrong, C. D. and Brenner, C. M. and Jones, C. and Rusby, D. R. and Davidson, Z. E. and Zhang, Y. and Wragg, J. and Richards, S. and Spindloe, C. and Oliveira, P. and Notley, M. and Clarke, R. and Mirfayzi, S. R. and Kar, S. and Li, Y. and Scott, T and McKenna, P. and Neely, D. (2019) Bremsstrahlung emission from high power laser interactions with constrained targets for industrial radiography. High Power Laser Science and Engineering, 7. e24. ISSN 2095-4719

Speirs, D. C. and Ronald, K. and Phelps, A. D. R. and Koepke, M. E. and Cairns, R. A. and Rigby, A. and Cruz, F. and Trines, R. and Bamford, R. and Kellett, B. J. and Albertazzi, B. and Cross, J. E. and Fraschetti, F. and Graham, P. and Kozlowski, P. M. and Kuramitsu, Y. and Miniati, F. and Morita, T. and Oliver, M. and Reville, B. and Sakawa, Y. and Sarkar, S. and Spindloe, C. and Koenig, M. and Silva, L. O. and Lamb, D. Q. and Tzeferacos, P. and Lebedev, S. and Gregori, G. and Bingham, R. (2019) Maser radiation from collisionless shocks : application to astrophysical jets. High Power Laser Science and Engineering, 7. e17. ISSN 2095-4719

King, M. and Butler, N. M. H. and Wilson, R. and Capdessus, R. and Gray, R. J. and Powell, H. and Dance, R. and Padda, H. and Gonzalez-Izquierdo, B. and Rusby, D. R. and Dover, N. P. and Hicks, G. and Ettlinger, O. and Scullion, C. and Carroll, D. C. and Najmudin, Z. and Borghesi, M. and Neely, D. and McKenna, P. (2019) Role of magnetic field evolution on filamentary structure formation in intense laser-foil interactions. High Power Laser Science and Engineering, 7. e14. ISSN 2095-4719

Turcu, I.C.E. and Shen, B. and Neely, D. and Sarri, G. and Tanaka, K.A. and McKenna, P. and Mangles, S.P.D. and Yu, T-P. and Luo, W. and Zhu, X-L. and Yin, Y. (2019) Quantum electrodynamics experiments with colliding Peta-Watt laser pulses. High Power Laser Science and Engineering, 7. e10. ISSN 2095-4719

Zhao, Yao and Sheng, Zhengming and Weng, Suming and Ji, Shengzhe and Zhu, Jianqiang (2019) Absolute instability modes due to rescattering of stimulated Raman scattering in a large nonuniform plasma. High Power Laser Science and Engineering. pp. 1-11. ISSN 2095-4719 (In Press)

Liu, H. and Liao, G.-Q. and Zhang, Y.-H. and Zhu, B.-J. and Zhang, Z. and Li, Y.-T. and Scott, G. G. and Rusby, D. and Armstrong, C. and Zemaityte, E. and Bradford, P. and Woolsey, N. and Huggard, P. and McKenna, P. and Neely, D. (2019) Study of backward terahertz radiation from intense picosecond laser-solid interactions using a multichannel calorimeter system. High Power Laser Science and Engineering, 7. e6. ISSN 2095-4719


Jarrett, J. and King, M. and Gray, R. J. and Neumann, N. and Dohl, L. and Baird, C. D. and Ebert, T. and Hesse, M. and Tebartz, A. and Rusby, D. R. and Woolsey, N. C. and Neely, D. and Roth, M. and McKenna, P. (2018) Reflection of intense laser light from microstructured targets as a potential diagnostic of laser focus and plasma temperature. High Power Laser Science and Engineering, 7. ISSN 2095-4719

Bradford, P and Woolsey, N. C. and Scott, G. G. and Liao, G. and Liu, H. and Zhang, Y. and Zhu, B. and Armstrong, C. and Astbury, S. and Brenner, C. and Brummitt, P. and Consoli, F. and East, I. and Gray, R. and Haddock, D. and Huggard, P. and Jones, P. J. R. and Montgomery, E. and Musgrave, I. and Oliveira, P. and Rusby, D. R. and Spindloe, C. and Summers, B. and Zemaityte, E. and Zhang, Z. and Li, Y. and McKenna, P. and Neely, D. (2018) EMP control and characterisation on high-power laser systems. High Power Laser Science and Engineering. ISSN 2095-4719 (In Press)


Gonzalez-Izquierdo, Bruno and Gray, Ross J. and King, Martin and Wilson, Robbie and Dance, Rachel J. and Powell, Haydn and MacLellan, David A. and McCreadie, John and Butler, Nicholas M. H. and Hawkes, Steve and Green, James S. and Murphy, Chris D. and Stockhausen, Luca C. and Carroll, David C. and Booth, Nicola and Scott, Graeme G. and Borghesi, Marco and Neely, David and McKenna, Paul (2016) Influence of laser polarization on collective electron dynamics in ultraintense laser-foil interactions. High Power Laser Science and Engineering, 4. e33. ISSN 2095-4719


Guillaume, E. and Humphrey, K. and Nakamura, H. and Trines, R.M.G.M. and Heathcote, R. and Galimberti, M. and Amano, Y. and Doria, D. and Hicks, G. and Higson, E. and Kar, S. and Sarri, G. and Skramic, M. and Swain, J. and Tang, K. and Weston, J. and Zak, P. and Alves, E.P. and Fonseca, R.A. and Fiúza, F. and Habara, H. and Tanaka, K.A. and Bingham, R. and Borghesi, M. and Najmudin, Z. and Silva, L.O. and Norreys, P.A. (2014) Demonstration of laser pulse amplification by stimulated Brillouin scattering. High Power Laser Science and Engineering, 2. ISSN 2095-4719

Yuan, Xiaohui and Fang, Y and Carroll, David and MacLellan, David and Du, F and Booth, Nicola and Burza, Matthias and Chen, Min and Gray, Ross and Jin, Y. F. and Li, Y. and Liu, Y. and Neely, David and Powell, Haydn and Scott, Graeme Gordon and Wahlström, Claes-Göran and Zhang, J. and McKenna, Paul and Sheng, Z. M. (2014) Effects of target pre-heating and expansion on terahertz radiation production from intense laser-solid interactions. High Power Laser Science and Engineering, 2.

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