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Developing mathematical theories of the physical world: Open Access research on fluid dynamics from Strathclyde

Strathprints makes available Open Access scholarly outputs by Strathclyde's Department of Mathematics & Statistics, where continuum mechanics and industrial mathematics is a specialism. Such research seeks to understand fluid dynamics, among many other related areas such as liquid crystals and droplet evaporation.

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics also demonstrates expertise in population modelling & epidemiology, stochastic analysis, applied analysis and scientific computing. Access world leading mathematical and statistical Open Access research!

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Kaufmann, Stefan H. E. and Dockrell, Hazel M. and Drager, Nick and Ho, Mei Mei and McShane, Helen and Neyrolles, Olivier and Ottenhoff, Tom H. M. and Patel, Brij and Roordink, Danielle and Spertini, Fran├žois and Stenger, Steffen and Thole, Jelle and Verreck, Frank A. W. and Williams, Ann and Britton, Warwick and Triccas, Jamie and Counoupas, Claudio and Grooten, Johan and Marie-Ange Demoitie, Demoitie and Romano, Marta and Huygen, Kris and Tima, Hermann Giresse and Mascart, Francoise and Andersen, Peter and Aagaard, Claus and Christensen, Dennis and Ruhwald, Morten and Lindenstrom, Thomas and Charneau, Pierre and Guilhot, Christophe and Peixoto, Antonio and Gilleron, Martine and Vergne, Isabelle and Locht, Camille and Brosch, Roland and Inchauspe, Genevieve and Theung Long, Stephane Leung and Weiner, January and Maertzdorf, Jeroen and Nieuwenhuizen, Natalie and Bastian, Max and Kallert, Stephanie and Gordon, Stephen and Caccamo, Nadia and Goletti, Delia and Nisini, Roberto and Shin, Sung Jae and Cho, Sang Nae and Lee, Hyejon and Choi, Ino and Sigal, Alex and Scriba, Thomas and Walzl, Gerhard and Loxton, Andre and Wilkinson, Robert and Wilkinson, Katalin and Cardona, Pere Joan and Vilaplana, Cris and Martin, Carlos and Marinova, Dessi and Aguilo, Nacho and Aebersold, Ruedi and Caron, Etienne and Pinschewer, Daniel and De Libero, Gennaro and Siegrist, Claire Anne and Collin, Nicolas and Barnier-Quer, Christophe and Sander, Peter and Sutherland, Jayne and Verreck, Frank and Ottenhoff, Tom and Joosten, Simone and Meijgaarden, Krista van and Coppola, Mariateresa and Geluk, Annemieke and Perrie, Yvonne and Baird, Marc and Levin, Michael and Kaforou, Myrsini and Smith, Steven and Fletcher, Helen and Bancroft, Gregory and Clark, Simon and Sharpe, Sally and Satti, Iman and Stylianou, Elena and Tanner, Rachel and Vordermeier, Martin and Hogarth, Philip and Casimiro, Danilo, TBVAC2020 Consortium (2017) TBVAC2020 : advancing tuberculosis vaccines from discovery to clinical development. Frontiers in Immunology, 8 (OCT). pp. 1-18. ISSN 1664-3224

Acevedo, Reinaldo and Fernandez, Sonsire and Zayas, Caridad and Acosta, Armando and Sarmiento, Maria Elena and Ferro, Valerie and Rosenqvist, Einar and Campa, Concepcion and Cardoso, Daniel and Garcia, Luis and Perez, Jose Luis (2014) Bacterial outer membrane vesicles and vaccine applications. Frontiers in Immunology, 5 (121).

Alexander, J. and Brombacher, F. (2012) T helper1/T helper2 cells and resistance/susceptibility to Leishmania infection : is this paradigm still relevant? Frontiers in Immunology, 3 (APR).

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