[Book review] : Morton, T. & Boyer, D (2021). Hyposubjects: On Becoming Human

Robertson, Nicola (2022) [Book review] : Morton, T. & Boyer, D (2021). Hyposubjects: On Becoming Human. [Review] (https://doi.org/10.33182/joph.v2i3.2041)

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In the opening of their book "Hyposubjects: On becoming human", Morton and Boyer prepare their reader that "what follows is an exercise in flimsy and chaotic thinking." (13). As introductions go, it is certainly unusual, irreverent and an astute assessment of how the book unfolds. While the book is credited to Morton, Boyer, their relations, and companions, it is safe to assume that the interlocutors in this dialogue are Morton and Boyer themselves. Timothy Morton is a prolific writer and creator spanning art, music, and literature, while Dominic Boyer describes himself as a "writer, media maker and anthropologist" (Boyer, 2021). What they share is a common interest in environmental challenges and posthumanism, and they come together in this work to share their unstructured discussions on a myriad of topics related to this theme.