Undoing Gender und Queer Pädagogik – Gleich verschieden problematisch

Kenklies, Karsten and Engelmann, Sebastian; Dall' Armi, Julia v. and Schurt, Verena, eds. (2021) Undoing Gender und Queer Pädagogik – Gleich verschieden problematisch. In: Von der Vielheit der Geschlechter. Springer Publishing, [S.I], pp. 27-37. (In Press)

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It is only recently that a queer perspective on educational and upbringing relationships has emerged also increasingly taken into account in German-speaking educational science (see Kenklies and Waldmann, 2017; Hartmann, Messerschmidt and Thon, 2017a). This discussion, in particular, takes place in a fragile one The tension between committed criticism of heteronormativity (cf. Hartmann, Messerschmidt and Thon 2017b) and systematic shading of normative relationships into a plurality of shades of gray (see Kenklies, 2017). The mediation of normative positioning and that of queer theory at the same time radical criticism of any normativity posed a challenge for educational practice.