The Donaldson Report, partnership and teacher education

Beck, Anna and Adams, Paul; Shanks, Rachel, ed. (2020) The Donaldson Report, partnership and teacher education. In: Teacher Preparation in Scotland. Emerald Publishing Limited, West Yorkshire, pp. 63-78. ISBN 9781839094804 (

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At the centre of recent reforms relating to Scottish teacher education is the report of a large-scale review, 'Teaching Scotland's Future' (Donaldson, 2011). This chapter provides a critical overview of one aspect of the review, namely partnership. Two key agendas underpinned the 50 recommendations contained in the Donaldson Report: the development and strengthening of partnership between universities, local authorities and schools; and, the modernisation and 're-invigoration' of teacher professionalism. In 'Teaching Scotland's Future' it was argued that both of these are required for the development of 'high quality' teachers through initial teacher education. The report positioned teaching as an intellectual occupation, highlighting the complexity involved, making clear that teacher preparation should remain within the context of higher education. Although the key messages from ‘Teaching Scotland’s Future’ received support from across the education sector, the extent to which they have been achieved in practice remains unclear. We will explore the extent to which this key text has been translated into current initial teacher education provision through results from the Measuring Quality in Initial Teacher Education (MQuITE) Project and the ways in which partnership was experienced in post-Donaldson working. Through this partnership working will be examined in Scotland. The chapter will conclude by considering where we are now, and some final thoughts will be presented about the role that 'Teaching Scotland’s Future' can play in a changing partnership policy landscape.