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Terziev, Momchil and Incecik, Atilla (2024) Numerical modelling of ship-generated solitary waves. Applied Ocean Research. ISSN 0141-1187 (In Press)

Li, Shen and Brennan, Feargal (2024) Implementation of digital twin-enabled virtually monitored data in inspection planning. Applied Ocean Research, 144. 103903. ISSN 0141-1187


Velasco-Gallego, Christian and Lazakis, Iraklis (2023) Mar-RUL : a remaining useful life prediction approach for fault prognostics of marine machinery. Applied Ocean Research, 140. 103735. ISSN 0141-1187

Wu, Gong Xing and Ding, Yi and Tahsin, Tezdogan and Atilla, Incecik (2023) Adaptive neural network and extended state observer-based non-singular terminal sliding modetracking control for an underactuated USV with unknown uncertainties. Applied Ocean Research, 135. 103560. ISSN 0141-1187

Chen, Siyuan and Wang, Shuqi and Huang, Ruizhang and Shi, Weichao and Jing, Fengmei (2023) Fast prediction of hydrodynamic load of floating horizontal axis tidal turbine with variable speed control under surging motion with free surface. Applied Ocean Research, 135. 103566. ISSN 0141-1187


Zhang, Deqing and Yuan, Zhi-Ming and Du, Junfeng and Li, Huajun (2022) Hydrodynamic modelling of large arrays of modularized floating structures with independent oscillations. Applied Ocean Research, 129. 103371. ISSN 0141-1187

Campbell, Ruaraidh and Terziev, Momchil and Tezdogan, Tahsin and Incecik, Atilla (2022) Computational fluid dynamics predictions of draught and trim variations on ship resistance in confined waters. Applied Ocean Research, 126. 103301. ISSN 0141-1187

Andresson, Jennie and Shiri, Alex Abolfazl and Bensow, Rickard E. and Yixing, Jin and Chengsheng, Wu and Gengyao, Qiu and Deng, Ganbo and Queutey, Patrick and Xing-Kaeding, Yan and Horn, Peter and Lücke, Thomas and Kobayashi, Hiroshi and Ohashi, Kunihide and Sakamoto, Nobuaki and Yang, Fan and Gao, Yuling and Windén, Björn and Meyerson, Max G. and Maki, Kevin J. and Turnock, Steven and Hudson, Dominic and Banks, Joseph and Terziev, Momchil and Tezdogan, Tahsin and Vesting, Florian and Hino, Takanori and Werner, Sofia (2022) Ship-scale CFD benchmark study of a pre-swirl duct on KVLCC2. Applied Ocean Research, 123. 103134. ISSN 0141-1187

Kim, Daejeong and Tezdogan, Tahsin and Incecik, Atilla (2022) Hydrodynamic analysis of ship manoeuvrability in shallow water using high-fidelity URANS computations. Applied Ocean Research, 123. 103176. ISSN 0141-1187

Ruponen, Pekka and Valanto, Petri and Acanfora, Maria and Dankowski, Hendrik and Lee, Gyeong Joong and Mauro, Francesco and Murphy, Alistair and Rosano, Gennaro and van't Veer, Riaan (2022) Results of an international benchmark study on numerical simulation of flooding and motions of a damaged ropax ship. Applied Ocean Research, 123. 103153. ISSN 0141-1187

Velasco-Gallego, Christian and Lazakis, Iraklis (2022) A real-time data-driven framework for the identification of steady states of marine machinery. Applied Ocean Research, 121. 103052. ISSN 0141-1187

Katsuno, Eduardo Tadashi and Dantas, João Lucas Dozzi (2022) Blockage effect influence on model-scale marine propeller performance and cavitation pattern. Applied Ocean Research, 120. 103019. ISSN 0141-1187


Kim, Daejeong and Song, Soonseok and Jeong, Byongug and Tezdogan, Tahsin and Incecik, Atilla (2021) Unsteady RANS CFD simulations of ship manoeuvrability and course keeping control under various wave height conditions. Applied Ocean Research, 117. 102940. ISSN 0141-1187

Stark, Callum and Shi, Weichao and Troll, Moritz (2021) Cavitation funnel effect : bio-inspired leading-edge tubercle application on ducted marine propeller blades. Applied Ocean Research, 116. 102864. ISSN 0141-1187

Zhang, Yuan and Tao, Longbin and Wang, Chao and Ye, Liyu and Sun, Shuai (2021) Numerical study of icebreaking process with two different bow shapes based on developed particle method in parallel scheme. Applied Ocean Research, 114. 102777. ISSN 0141-1187

Sezen, Savas and Delen, Cihad and Dogrul, Ali and Atlar, Mehmet (2021) An investigation of scale effects on the self-propulsion characteristics of a submarine. Applied Ocean Research, 113. 102728. ISSN 0141-1187

Li, Lingyu and Wu, Defeng and Huang, Youqiang and Yuan, Zhi-Ming (2021) A path planning strategy unified with a COLREGS collision avoidance function based on deep reinforcement learning and artificial potential field. Applied Ocean Research, 113. 102759. ISSN 0141-1187

Uzun, Dogancan and Sezen, Savas and Ozyurt, Refik and Atlar, Mehmet and Turan, Osman (2021) A CFD study : influence of biofouling on a full-scale submarine. Applied Ocean Research, 109. 102561. ISSN 0141-1187

Ruzzo, Carlo and Muggiasca, Sara and Malara, Giovanni and Taruffi, Federico and Belloli, Marco and Collu, Maurizio and Li, Liang and Brizzi, Giulio and Arena, Felice (2021) Scaling strategies for multi-purpose floating structures physical modeling : state of art and new perspectives. Applied Ocean Research, 108. 102487. ISSN 0141-1187

Sezen, Savas and Uzun, Dogancan and Ozyurt, Refik and Turan, Osman and Atlar, Mehmet (2021) Effect of biofouling roughness on a marine propeller's performance including cavitation and underwater radiated noise (URN). Applied Ocean Research, 107. 102491. ISSN 0141-1187

Carchen, Alessandro and Turkmen, Serkan and Piaggio, Benedetto and Shi, Weichao and Sasaki, Noriyuki and Atlar, Mehmet (2021) Investigation of the manoeuvrability characteristics of a Gate Rudder system using numerical, experimental, and full-scale techniques. Applied Ocean Research, 106. 102419. ISSN 0141-1187


Braithwaite, Jarryd and Goenaga, Iñigo Gómez and Tafazzolimoghaddam, Behrooz and Mehmanparast, Ali (2020) Sensitivity analysis of friction and creep deformation effects on preload relaxation in offshore wind turbine bolted connections. Applied Ocean Research, 101. 102225. ISSN 0141-1187

Tian, Zhao-Li and Liu, Yun-Long and Zhang, A-Man and Tao, Longbin and Chen, Liang (2020) Jet development and impact load of underwater explosion bubble on solid wall. Applied Ocean Research, 95. 102013. ISSN 0141-1187

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Song, Soonseok and Demirel, Yigit Kemal and Atlar, Mehmet (2020) Penalty of hull and propeller fouling on ship self-propulsion performance. Applied Ocean Research, 94. 102006. ISSN 0141-1187


Terziev, Momchil and Tezdogan, Tahsin and Incecik, Atilla (2019) A geosim analysis of ship resistance decomposition and scale effects with the aid of CFD. Applied Ocean Research, 92. 101930. ISSN 0141-1187

Puisa, Romanas and Williams, Stuart and Vassalos, Dracos (2019) Towards an explanation of why onboard fires happen : the case of an engine room fire on the cruise ship "Le Boreal". Applied Ocean Research, 88. pp. 223-232. ISSN 0141-1187

Kou, Yufeng and Xiao, Longfei and Tao, Longbin and Peng, Tao (2019) Performance characteristics of a conceptual ring-shaped spar-type VLFS with double-layered perforated-wall breakwater. Applied Ocean Research, 86. pp. 28-39. ISSN 0141-1187


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