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Strathprints makes available Open Access scholarly outputs by Management Science at Strathclyde. Particular research specialisms include knowledge modelling within organisations but also problem structuring and analytical approaches to better interpret risk and uncertainty. Some of these management science approaches are applied within healthcare systems and have close links with economics and operations management.

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Bachtler, John and Begg, Iain and Charles, David and Polverari, Laura (2015) What have structural and cohesion funds done for us? Assessing the long-term achievements of cohesion policy, 1989-2012. In: 2nd Joint EU Cohesion Policy Conference ‘Challenges for the New Cohesion Policy 2014-2020: An Academic and Policy Debate’, 2015-02-04 - 2015-02-06, University of Latvia.


Hamza, Christine and Frangenheim, Alexandra and Charles, David and Miller, Stephen (2014) The Role of Cities in Cohesion Policy 2014-2020. [Report]

Polverari, Laura and Miller, Stephen and Charles, David and Bachtler, John (2014) The long term achievements (1989-to present) of cohesion policy in 15 European regions : did institutional settings make a difference? In: PSA Annual conference 2014, 2014-04-14 - 2014-04-16.

Charles, David and Kitagawa, Fumi and Uyarra, Elvira (2014) Universities in crisis?—new challenges and strategies in two English city-regions. Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society. ISSN 1752-1378

Radzyner, A and Todtling-Schonhofer, H and Frangenheim, A and Mendez, Carlos and Bachtler, John and Charles, David and Granqvist, Kaisa (2014) An Assessment of Multilevel Governance in Cohesion Policy 2007-2013 : Volume 1, Study. [Report]


Puuka, Jaana and Charles, David and Morá, José Gines and Nazaré, Helena (2013) Higher Education in Regional and City Development : Basque Country, Spain 2013. [Report]

Salvador, Regina and Simões, Ricardo and Charles, David (2013) Evaluation of the Main Achievements of Cohesion Policy Programmes and Projects over the Longer Term in 15 Selected Regions : Case Study Algarve (Portugal) : From 1989-1993 Programme Period to the Present. [Report]

Salvador, Regina and Simões, Ricardo and Charles, David (2013) Evaluation of the Main Achievements of Cohesion Policy Programmes and Projects over the Longer Term in 15 Selected Regions : Case Study Norte (Portugal) : From 1989-1993 Programme Period to the Present. [Report]

Charles, David and Michie, Rona (2013) Evaluation of the Main Achievements of Cohesion Policy Programmes over the Longer Term in 15 Selected Regions : Case Study North East England : From 1989-1993 Programme Period to the Present. [Report]

Bachtler, John and Begg, Iain and Polverari, Laura and Charles, David (2013) Evaluation of the Main Achievements of Cohesion Policy Programmes over the Longer Term in 15 Selected Regions : From 1989-1993 Programme Period to the Present. [Report]

Bachtler, John and Begg, I and Polverari, Laura and Charles, David (2013) Evaluation of the main achievements of cohesion policy programmes and projects over the longer term in 15 selected regions, 1989-2012 : final report to the European Commission. [Report]

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Charles, David; Ingallina, Patrizia, ed. (2012) L’engagement ville-université en faveur des industries créatives : quel projet pour améliorer l’attractivité et l’interaction ? Le cas de l’Australie. In: Universités et enjeux territoriaux. Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, Villeneuve d'Ascq, p. 83. ISBN 978-2-7574-0408-9

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