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Burnside, Neil M. and Andrews, Billy and Brémaud, Maëlle and Deeming, Katherine B. and Flude, Stephanie and Gillen, Clodagh and Jack, Sally F. and Johnson, Gareth and Otalega, Izabella and Shipton, Zoe K. and Walls, David and Whittington, Dan (2023) Lessons from mine water geothermal projects across Central Scotland. In: World Geothermal Congress 2023, 2023-09-15 - 2023-09-17, China National Convention Center (CNCC).

McMahon, Christopher J. and Roberts, Jennifer J. and Johnson, Gareth and Edlmann, Katriona and Flude, Stephanie and Shipton, Zoe K. (2023) Natural hydrogen seeps as analogues to inform monitoring of engineered geological hydrogen storage. Geological Society Special Publication, 528 (1). pp. 461-489. ISSN 0305-8719


van den Bergh, Gerrit D. and Alloway, Brent V. and Storey, Michael and Setiawan, Ruly and Yurnaldi, Dida and Kurniawan, Iwan and Moore, Mark W. and Jatmiko and Brumm, Adam and Flude, Stephanie and Sutikna, Thomas and Setiyabudi, Erick and Prasetyo, Unggul W. and Puspaningrum, Mika R. and Yoga, Ifan and Insani, Halmi and Meijer, Hanneke J.M. and Kohn, Barry and Pillans, Brad and Sutisna, Indra and Dosseto, Anthony and Hayes, Susan and Westgate, John A. and Pearce, Nick J.G. and Aziz, Fachroel and Due, Rokus Awe and Morwood, Michael J. (2022) An integrative geochronological framework for the pleistocene So'a basin (Flores, Indonesia), and its implications for faunal turnover and hominin arrival. Quaternary Science Reviews, 294. 107721. ISSN 0277-3791

DeFelipe, Irene and Alcalde, Juan and Baykiev, Eldar and Bernal, Isabel and Boonma, Kittiphon and Carbonell, Ramon and Flude, Stephanie and Folch, Arnau and Fullea, Javier and García-Castellanos, Daniel and Geyer, Adelina and Giralt, Santiago and Hernández, Armand and Jiménez-Munt, Ivone and Kumar, Ajay and Llorens, Maria-Gema and Martí, Joan and Molina, Cecilia and Olivar-Castaño, Andrés and Parnell, Andrew and Schimmel, Martin and Torné, Montserrat and Ventosa, Sergi (2022) Towards a digital twin of the Earth system : Geo-Soft-CoRe, a geoscientific software & code repository. Frontiers in Earth Science, 10. 828005. ISSN 2296-6463

Karolytė, R. and Warr, O. and van Heerden, E. and Flude, S. and de Lange, F. and Webb, S. and Ballentine, C. J. and Sherwood Lollar, B. (2022) The role of porosity in H2/He production ratios in fracture fluids from the Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa. Chemical Geology, 595. 120788. ISSN 0009-2541


Martin-Roberts, Emma and Scott, Vivian and Flude, Stephanie and Johnson, Gareth and Haszeldine, R. Stuart and Gilfillan, Stuart (2021) Carbon capture and storage at the end of a lost decade. One Earth, 4 (11). pp. 1569-1584. ISSN 2590-3322

Flohr, Anita and Matter, Juerg M. and James, Rachael H. and Saw, Kevin and Brown, Robin and Gros, Jonas and Flude, Stephanie and Day, Christopher and Peel, Kate and Connelly, Douglas and Pearce, Christopher R. and Strong, James A. and Lichtschlag, Anna and Hillegonds, Darren J. and Ballentine, Christopher J. and Tyne, Rebecca L. (2021) Utility of natural and artificial geochemical tracers for leakage monitoring and quantification during an offshore controlled CO2 release experiment. International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control, 111. 103421. ISSN 1750-5836


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Alcalde, Juan and Flude, Stephanie and Wilkinson, Mark and Johnson, Gareth and Edlmann, Katriona and Bond, Clare E. and Scott, Vivian and Gilfillan, Stuart M.V. and Ogaya, Xènia and Haszeldine, R. Stuart (2018) Estimating geological CO2 storage security to deliver on climate mitigation. Nature Communications, 9. 2201. ISSN 2041-1723

Flude, Stephanie and Tuffen, Hugh and Sherlock, Sarah C. (2018) Spatially heterogeneous argon-isotope systematics and apparent 40Ar/39Ar ages in perlitised obsidian. Chemical Geology, 480. pp. 44-57. ISSN 0009-2541


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Brumm, Adam and Van Den Bergh, Gerrit D. and Storey, Michael and Kurniawan, Iwan and Alloway, Brent V. and Setiawan, Ruly and Setiyabudi, Erick and Grün, Rainer and Moore, Mark W. and Yurnaldi, Dida and Puspaningrum, Mika R. and Wibowo, Unggul P. and Insani, Halmi and Sutisna, Indra and Westgate, John A. and Pearce, Nick J.G. and Duval, Mathieu and Meijer, Hanneke J.M. and Aziz, Fachroel and Sutikna, Thomas and Van Der Kaars, Sander and Flude, Stephanie and Morwood, Michael J. (2016) Age and context of the oldest known hominin fossils from Flores. Nature, 534 (7606). pp. 249-253. ISSN 0028-0836

Flude, Stephanie and Storey, Michael (2016) 40Ar/39Ar age of the Rotoiti Breccia and Rotoehu Ash, Okataina Volcanic Complex, New Zealand, and identification of heterogeneously distributed excess 40Ar in supercooled crystals. Quaternary Geochronology, 33. pp. 13-23. ISSN 1871-1014


Flude, S. and Sherlock, S.C. and Lee, M.R. and Kelley, S.P. (2013) Disturbance to the 40Ar/39Ar system in feldspars by electron and ion beam irradiation. Chemical Geology, 355. pp. 1-12. ISSN 0009-2541

Flude, Stephanie and Halton, Alison M. and Kelley, Simon P. and Sherlock, Sarah C. and Schwanethal, James and Wilkinson, Camilla M. (2013) Observation of centimetre-scale argon diffusion in alkali feldspars : implications for 40Ar/39Ar thermochronology. Geological Society Special Publication, 378 (1). pp. 265-275. ISSN 0305-8719

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