PODCAST #5 "Learn about our Courses" : Education Studies BA Joint Honours (Dr David Lewin)

Lewin, David (2020) PODCAST #5 "Learn about our Courses" : Education Studies BA Joint Honours (Dr David Lewin). University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

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In this episode, we talk to Dr David Lewin, Senior Lecturer at the School of Education about his latest research into the challenges and possibilities of teaching Religious Studies in Schools beyond the 6 world-religions paradigm (as a construction of Western scholarship), and with a view towards the academy's turn to the scientific study of religion; which emphasises 'lived' religious practices (including non-religious spiritual practices) and seeks to connect with the life-worlds of pupils more directly. As course leader for the Joint Honours "Education Studies" Programme at the University of Strathclyde Glasgow, David gives us an overview of what students can expect from the course, its study content and possible post-study pathways. The Education Studies programme seeks to broaden students' understanding of the study and practice of 'Education' beyond the walls of the School. It focuses on those intentional, pedagogical relationships that span and influence a person's whole life course - and the question around the meaning and purpose of Education that arise from this integrated view.