Learning the business of teacher education research : editorial work as capacity building

Reid, Jo-Anne and McDonough, Sharon and Bown, Kathryn and Santoro, Ninetta and Mayer, Dianne and Singh, Michael (2013) Learning the business of teacher education research : editorial work as capacity building. Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, 41 (4). pp. 345-349. ISSN 1359-866X (https://doi.org/10.1080/1359866X.2013.840945)

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In this last issue for 2013, the current Editorial team is very pleased to welcome into this role next year two new Editors for what has been “our journal” for the last few years. Joce Nuttall and Suzy Edwards bring an exciting new Editorial perspective to the work of the Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education (APJTE), and in welcoming them we are pleased to note the strengths of their own research in teacher education and their commitment to our field as a research field. Our journal is a major factor in this work, we believe, and we take time here to look back over our tenure as Editors, to highlight the stance we have taken as an Editorial team attempting to build capacity among teacher educators in our region. We are pleased to see this journal reporting research that speaks directly to our field, enriching it with the knowledge, theory, and practice that new generations of teacher educators are producing. We have highlighted in our Editorials over the past few years the importance of thinking about teacher education research as an issue that needs continuous review and rethinking. In Editorials on ethical research and reporting practices, we have reminded our readers about the sorts of writing that stands out as “good,” high-quality educational research; we have stressed the importance and need for rigorous critique in and of our field, and we have provided commentary and reflection on the forms of professional learning, teacher learning, and teacher education in contemporary contexts and standards frameworks. Most importantly though, and with the strong support of our Editorial Assistant Kathryn Bown, we are pleased to note the success of our work in maintaining the strong history of the APJTE in attempting to build capacity within our field, in two important ways.