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Zhang, Yulan and Gao, Tanguang and Kang, Shichang and Allen, Deonie and Wang, Zhaoqing and Luo, Xi and Yang, Ling and Chen, Jinlei and Hu, Zhaofu and Chen, Pengfei and Du, Wentao and Allen, Steve (2023) Cryosphere as a temporal sink and source of microplastics in the Arctic region. Geoscience Frontiers, 14 (4). 101566. ISSN 1674-9871

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MacDonald, Anna and Allen, Deonie and Williams, Lynn and Flowers, Paul and Walker, Tony R. (2023) People, plastic, and behaviour change – a comment on drivers of plastic pollution, barriers to change and targeted behaviour change interventions. Environmental Science: Advances, 2 (4). pp. 551-557. ISSN 2754-7000


Ponti, Marta G. and Allen, Deonie and White, Christopher J. and Bertram, Doug and Switzer, Christine (2022) A framework to assess the impact of flooding on the release of microplastics from waste management facilities. Journal of Hazardous Materials Advances, 7. 100105. ISSN 2772-4166

Allen, Deonie and Allen, Steve and Abbasi, Sajjad and Baker, Alex and Bergmann, Melanie and Brahney, Janice and Butler, Tim and Duce, Robert A. and Echhardt, Sabine and Evangeliou, Nikolaos and Jickells, Tim and Kanakidou, Maria and Peter, Kershaw and Laj, Paolo and Levermore, Joseph and Li, Daoji and Liss, Peter and Liu, Kai and Mahowald, Natalie and Masque, Pere and Materić, Dušan and Mayes, Andrew G. and McGinnity, Paul and Osvath, Iolanda and Prather, Kimberly A. and Prospero, Joseph M. and Revell, Laura E. and Sander, Sylvia and Shim, Won Joon and Slade, Jonathan and Stein, Ariel and Tarasova, Oksana and Wright, Stephanie (2022) Microplastics and nanoplastics in the marine-atmosphere environment. Nature Reviews Earth & Environment, 3 (6). pp. 393-405. ISSN 2662-138X

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MacDonald, Anna and Allen, Deonie and João, Elsa (2021) A pilot assessment of a 'plastic free community' initiative, respective community actions and residents' behavior. Microplastic, 1 (1). pp. 47-66. ISSN 2673-8929

Allen, S. and Allen, D. and Baladima, F. and Phoenix, V. R. and Thomas, J. L. and Le Roux, G. and Sonke, J. E. (2021) Evidence of free tropospheric and long-range transport of microplastic at Pic du Midi Observatory. Nature Communications, 12. 7242. ISSN 2041-1723

Allen, D. and Allen, S. and Le Roux, G. and Simonneau, A. and Galop, D. and Phoenix, V. R. (2021) Temporal archive of atmospheric microplastic deposition presented in ombrotrophic peat. Environmental Science and Technology Letters, 8 (11). pp. 954-960. ISSN 2328-8930

Zhang, Yulan and Gao, Tanguang and Kang, Shichang and Allen, Steve and Luo, Xi and Allen, Deonie (2021) Microplastics in glaciers of the Tibetan Plateau : evidence for long-range transport of microplastics. Science of the Total Environment, 758. 143634. ISSN 1879-1026

Moss, Kerry and Allen, Deonie and González-Fernández, Daniel and Allen, Steve (2021) Filling in the knowledge gap : observing macroplastic litter in South Africa's rivers. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 162 (Jan 20). 111876. ISSN 0025-326X

Krause, Stefan and Baranov, Viktor and Nel, Holly A. and Drummond, Jennifer D. and Kukkola, Anna and Hoellein, Timothy and Sambrook Smith, Gregory H. and Lewandowski, Joerg and Bonnet, Berta and Packman, Aaron I. and Sadler, Jon and Inshyna, Valentyna and Allen, Steve and Allen, Deonie and Simon, Laurent and Mermillod-Blondin, Florian and Lynch, Iseult (2021) Gathering at the top? Environmental controls of microplastic uptake and biomagnification in freshwater food webs. Environmental Pollution, 268. 115750. ISSN 0269-7491


Allen, Steve and Allen, Deonie and Moss, Kerry and Le Roux, Gaël and Phoenix, Vernon R. and Sonke, Jeroen E. (2020) Examination of the ocean as a source for atmospheric microplastics. PLOS One, 15 (5). e0232746. ISSN 1932-6203

Allen, Deonie and Simonneau, Anaëlle and Le Roux, Gaël and Mazier, Florence and Marquer, Laurent and Galop, Didier and Binet, Stéphane (2020) Considering lacustrine erosion records and the De Ploey erosion model in an examination of mountain catchment erosion susceptibility and precipitation reconstruction. Catena, 187. 104278. ISSN 0341-8162

Zhang, Yulan and Kang, Shichang and Allen, Steve and Allen, Deonie and Gao, Tanguang and Sillanpää, Mika (2020) Atmospheric microplastics : A review on current status and perspectives. Earth-Science Reviews, 203. 103118. ISSN 1872-6828


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Allen, Deonie and Haynes, Heather and Olive, Valerie and Allen, Steve and Arthur, Scott (2018) The short-term influence of cumulative, sequential rainfall-runoff flows on sediment retention and transport in selected SuDS devices. Urban Water Journal, 16 (6). pp. 421-435. ISSN 1744-9006

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