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Khan, Shahroz and Kaklis, Panagiotis and Serani, Andrea and Diez, Matteo (2022) Geometric moment-dependent global sensitivity analysis without simulation data : application to ship hull form optimisation. Computer-Aided Design, 151. 103339. ISSN 0010-4485

Khan, Shahroz and Kaklis, Panagiotis and Serani, Andrea and Diez, Matteo and Kostas, Konstantinos (2022) Shape-supervised dimension reduction : extracting geometry and physics associated features with geometric moments. Computer-Aided Design, 150. 103327. ISSN 0010-4485

Khan, Shahroz and Gunpinar, Erkan and Mert Dogan, Kemal and Sener, Bekir and Kaklis, Panagiotis (2022) ModiYacht : intelligent CAD tool for parametric, generative, attributive and interactive modelling of yacht hull forms. In: SNAME 14th International Marine Design Conference, 2022-06-26 - 2022-06-30.


Kaklis, Panagiotis and Khan, Shahroz and Serani, Andrea and Diez, Matteo (2021) Supporting expensive physical models with geometric moment invariants to accelerate sensitivity analysis for shape optimisation. In: Dagstuhl Seminar 21471, 2021-11-21 - 2021-11-26, Schloss Dagstuhl.

Khan, S. and Kostas, K. and Kaklis, P. and Serani, A. and Diez, M. (2021) Bayesian shape optimization in high dimensional design spaces using IGA-enabled solvers. In: Virtual International Conference on Isogeometric Analysis, 2021-09-27 - 2021-09-29.

Çelik, Cihad and Danişman, Devrim Bülent and Khan, Shahroz and Kaklis, Panagiotis (2021) A reduced order data-driven method for resistance prediction and shape optimization of hull vane. Ocean Engineering, 235. 109406. ISSN 0029-8018

Khan, Shahroz and Kaklis, Panagiotis (2021) From regional sensitivity to intra-sensitivity for parametric analysis of free-form shapes : application to ship design. Advanced Engineering Informatics, 49. 101314. ISSN 1474-0346

Masood, Zahid and Khan, Shahroz and Qian, Li (2021) Machine learning-based surrogate model for accelerating simulation-driven optimisation of hydropower Kaplan turbine. Renewable Energy, 173. pp. 827-848. ISSN 0960-1481

Usama, Muhammad and Arif, Aqib and Haris, Farhan and Khan, Shahroz and Afaq, S. Kamran and Rashid, Shahrukh; (2021) A data-driven interactive system for aerodynamic and user-centred generative vehicle design. In: 2021 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, ICAI 2021. IEEE, Piscataway, NJ, pp. 119-127. ISBN 9781665432931

Khan, Shahroz and Kaklis, Panagiotis and Serani, Andrea and Diez, Matteo; (2021) Geometry-driven parametric sensitivity analysis for free-form marine shapes. In: IX Conference on Computational Methods in Marine Engineering. International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering (CIMNE), [Edinburgh].

Lazakis, Iraklis and Khan, Shahroz (2021) An optimization framework for daily route planning and scheduling of maintenance vessel activities in offshore wind farms. Ocean Engineering, 225. 108752. ISSN 0029-8018

Khan, Shahroz and Serani, Andrea and Diez, Matteo and Kaklis, Panagiotis; (2021) Physics-informed feature-to-feature learning for design-space dimensionality reduction in shape optimisation. In: AIAA Scitech 2021 Forum. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Inc, AIAA, Reston, VA.. ISBN 9781624106095


Gunpinar, Erkan and Khan, Shahroz (2019) A multi-criteria based selection method using non-dominated sorting for genetic algorithm based design. Optimization and Engineering. ISSN 1389-4420

Khan, Shahroz and Gunpinar, Erkan and Sener, Bekir (2019) GenYacht : an interactive generative design system for computer-aided yacht hull design. Ocean Engineering, 191. 106462. ISSN 0029-8018

Khan, Shahroz and Gunpinar, Erkan and Moriguchi, Masaki and Suzuki, Hiromasa (2019) Evolving a psycho-physical distance metric for generative design exploration of diverse shapes. Journal of Mechanical Design, 141 (11). 111101. ISSN 1050-0472

Celik, C. and Danisman, D.B. and Kaklis, P. and Khan, S.; Georgiev, Petar and Soares, Carlos Guedes, eds. (2019) An investigation into the effect of the hull vane on the ship resistance in OpenFOAM. In: Sustainable Development and Innovations in Marine Technologies. CRC Press, London, pp. 136-141. ISBN 9780367810085


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Khan, Shahroz and Gunpinar, Erkan (2017) An extended latin hypercube sampling approach for CAD model generation. Anadolu University Journal of Science and Technology A - Applied Sciences and Engineering, 18 (2). pp. 301-314. ISSN 1302-3160

Khan, Shahroz and Gunpinar, Erkan and Dogan, Kemal Mert (2017) A novel design framework for generation and parametric modification of yacht hull surfaces. Ocean Engineering, 136. pp. 243-259. ISSN 0029-8018

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