A novel design framework for generation and parametric modification of yacht hull surfaces

Khan, Shahroz and Gunpinar, Erkan and Dogan, Kemal Mert (2017) A novel design framework for generation and parametric modification of yacht hull surfaces. Ocean Engineering, 136. pp. 243-259. ISSN 0029-8018

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    This paper proposes a new design framework for the parametric design and shape modification of a yacht hull. In this framework, the hull is divided into three regions (entrance, middle and run) and each region is represented separately. In this way, a designer has better design flexibility so that higher design variations of the hull can be achieved. Each region consists of keel line(s), deck line, chine line(s) and station lines that are represented using Bezier curves and these lines are called feature curves. A 3D surface model of a yacht hull is obtained by generating Coons patches using feature curves. Shape operators are also introduced and implemented for the modification of the given hull shape while considering some quality criteria such as hull fairness. Experiments in this study show that a variety of hull shapes can be generated using the proposed design framework with the application of the shape operators.

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