Rudder roll stabilization with nonlinear GMV control

Majecki, P.M. and Katebi, M.R. and Grimble, M.J. (2006) Rudder roll stabilization with nonlinear GMV control. In: International Control Conference 2006, 2006-08-30 - 2006-09-01.

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Application of Nonlinear Generalized Minimum Variance control to ship roll stabilization using rudder input command is considered in this paper. The dynamic weightings in the cost criterion are used to reject the wave disturbance at a specified frequency band while maintaining relatively low controller gain in low and high frequencies to account for rudder angle and rate limits. Moreover, the use of a nonlinear weighting function in the NGMV control law formulation ensures the nonlinearities in the rudder are dealt with in a natural and systematic way. The effectiveness of the approach is demonstrated on a simulated ship model.