Case study - Renault: how a sausage, a sushi roll, a crispbread and a baguette may have affected car sales in Europe

Caemmerer, B.; Armstrong, G. and Kotler, P. and Harker, M.J. and Brennan, R., eds. (2009) Case study - Renault: how a sausage, a sushi roll, a crispbread and a baguette may have affected car sales in Europe. In: Marketing: An Introduction. FTE UK, United Kingdom. ISBN 978-0-2737-1395-1

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The goal of the first European edition of Marketing: An Introduction has been to retain the great strengths of the US original - amongst which are its clarity, coherency and authority - whilst adding European orientated material in order to create an even more effective text from which to learn about and teach marketing in a European context. Most students learning marketing require a broad, complete picture of basic marketing principles and practices. They need a text that is complete yet easy to manage and master, one that guides them through the great variety of topics that come under the rubric of marketing without confusing or bewildering them - one that helps them prepare their assessments but also prepares them for careers in marketing or related fields. This new text serves all of these important needs for marketing students, and strikes a careful balance between depth of coverage and ease of learning. Unlike more abbreviated texts, Marketing: An Introduction provides a complete overview of marketing in theory and in practice. Unlike longer, more complex texts, its moderate length makes it possible to use fully in one semester. This product is the complete solution for teachers and students of introductory Marketing courses: comprising the book, lecture materials for faculty and students, items to be used in small-group teaching, formative and summative assessments. In short, as well as being a useful aid in learning abut marketing for students, it should seek to solve the problems faced by the class leader. The online resources are fully integrated with the book and is perfect for lectures, in seminars and for independent use.