Ultimate strength performance of a damaged container ship

Li, Shen and Hu, Zhiqiang Q. and Benson, Simon D.; (2020) Ultimate strength performance of a damaged container ship. In: Damaged Ship V 2020. RINA, Royal Institution of Naval Architects - International Conference on Damaged Ship V, Papers . Royal Institution of Naval Architects, GBR, pp. 17-30. ISBN 9781911649052

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The ultimate strength performance is assessed of a container ship with side-shell damage. Simplified progressive collapse method is employed for predicting the ultimate ship hull strength under vertical bending. A parametric study is conducted to identify the most critical damaged scenario. Equivalent nonlinear finite element analysis is performed for validation. The computed strength is compared with the extreme design bending moment for a safety margin assessment. Residual strength index versus damage extent diagrams are proposed, which may be useful for a rapid prediction of the residual ultimate strength for container ships of similar class under a given damaged scenario.