'Transformative' deals with publishers : a controversial step forward in the implementation of Open Access

de Castro, Pablo (2020) 'Transformative' deals with publishers : a controversial step forward in the implementation of Open Access. In: Open Access Tage 2020 (Bielefeld online), 2020-09-15 - 2020-09-17, Universität Bielefeld (Virtual). (https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.4068285)

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Multiple proposals are being received these days at Universities in Britain and other European countries for so-called 'transformative' agreements negotiated between commercial scientific publishers and national and regional university library consortia. These proposals, aligned to a certain extent with the Plan S guidelines, aim to expand the application of immediate or Gold Open Access to the highest possible number of institutional publications with a given publisher. Within an already familiar context of quick changes in the policies related to Open Access implementation – Plan S was launched in Sep 2018 and its reviewed implementation guidance following a public consultation was only released at the end of May 2019 – this presentation will examine the controversial implications of these ‘transformative’ agreements. Both their impact on the wider scholarly communications landscape and on the institutional workflows aimed to secure the maximum possible open availability of the institutional research outputs will be explored. The presentation addresses these issues from the specific perspective of a Scottish University served by two library consortia, the Jisc Collections in the UK and SHEDL in Scotland, and with a very successful institutional implementation of the national-level (Green) Open Access policy associated to the UK research assessment exercise or REF (Research Excellence Framework). As part of the framework governing the institutional implementation of Open Access, the University of Strathclyde receives support for the coverage of Open Access publishing fees from several UK funding agencies since 2015. This ability to pay for APCs for institutional publications from the library allows the university to have accurate data for the expenditure in this area, and grants these ‘transformative’ deals a certain continuity within a strategy aimed to achieve full, immediate Open Access.


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