Baseline Workforce Survey [Appendix 4]

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This baseline survey of the specialist data, information and knowledge (SDIK) workforce in health and care in Scotland was designed to: • Provide an initial indicative description of that workforce as a baseline foundation for the next stages. • Seek confirmation (or otherwise) of the initial statement of scope of the Specialist Data, Information and Knowledge workforce in health and care (see appendix A) • Explore the future needs of SDIK staff in relation to: • Skills development • New ways of working Strategic stakeholder engagement and a scoping literature review undertaken to inform the development of the initial statement of scope of the SDIK workforce showed that this workforce is currently ill-defined, and relatively ‘invisible’ in terms of workforce planning and development. As such, it was anticipated that survey would be very much a baseline exploration. As such, the dissemination of the survey was through extensive use of known networks and communication channels. The survey was live from 7th December 2018 to 8th February 2019. See Appendix B for survey questionnaire.