Addressing the challenges of continuous filtration, washing and drying

Price, Chris John and Ottoboni, Sara (2017) Addressing the challenges of continuous filtration, washing and drying. In: Continuous manufacturing 2017, 2017-02-22 - 2017-02-23, Druids Glen Hotel.

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Continuous synthesis and formulation are becoming established in the pharmaceutical industry, however connecting the two through continuous particle formation and isolation still poses significant challenges. This presentation focuses on continuous filtration, washing and drying. Darcy’s law and subsequent modifications describe the rate of filtration; however, there is no equivalent which addresses the removal of closely related impurities of synthesis by filtration and washing, especially when the product exhibits solubility. API solubility also poses challenges during drying. Presuming the upstream crystallization has delivered particles of the desired size and they are largely unaffected by filtration and washing then drying process has the potential to break fragile particles and to granulate all particles through the formation of crystal-crystal bridges. In order to develop a successful continuous system for API filtration, washing and drying all of these problems must be overcome.