Clinical spectroscopy : general discussion

Goodacre, Royston and Sergo, Valter and Barr, Hugh and Sammon, Christopher and Schultz, Zachary D. and Baker, Matthew J. and Graham, Duncan and Marques, Maria Paula and Sulé-Suso, Josep and Livermore, James and Faulds, Karen and Sinjab, Faris and Matousek, Pavel and Campbell, Colin J. and Dluhy, Richard and Gardner, Peter and Phillips, Christopher and Diem, Max and Wood, Bayden and Apolonskiy, Alexander and Kazarian, Sergei and Fullwood, Leanne and Gough, Kathleen and Petrich, Wolfgang and Lloyd, Gavin and Ibrahim, Ola and Cinque, Gianfelice and Sockalingum, Ganesh Dhruvananda and Stone, Nick and Kendall, Catherine and McAughtrie, Sarah and Perez-Guaita, David and Clark, Louise and Gerwert, Klaus and Bonifacio, Alois and Notingher, Ioan and Lasch, Peter and Bhargava, Rohit and Lepert, Guillaume and Mader, Kerstin and Paterson, Carl (2016) Clinical spectroscopy : general discussion. Faraday Discussions, 187. pp. 429-460. ISSN 1359-6640 (

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Duncan Graham opened a general discussion of the paper by Pavel Matousek: Regarding the temperature measurements, how did you do them? Stokes/anti-Stokes measurement? The values are not what I'd expect and seem lower. What was the wavelength and power of the laser and did you calculate what you thought the temperature measurement should be based on that? How far does the temperature gradient reach? The scattering absorption ration changes with nanoparticle size and composition. Have you thought about using more highly absorbing nanoparticles such as hollow gold nanoshells?


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