Incremental non-equal channel angular pressing - FE simulation

Rosochowski, Andrzej and Olejnik, Lech; Chinesta, Francisco and Cueto, Elias and Abisset-Chavanne, Emmanuelle, eds. (2016) Incremental non-equal channel angular pressing - FE simulation. In: ESAFORM 2016. AIP Conference Proceedings, 1769 . American Institute of Physics, FRA. ISBN 9780735414273 (

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Equal channel angular pressing is the most popular process of severe plastic deformation used to refine grain structure in metals in order to improve their properties. One of the features of severe plastic deformation is lack of change of billet's shape and dimensions. However, for practical reasons, departure from this pure definition might be useful. This paper considers a possibility of changing billet's cross section in the first pass of the incremental version of equal channel angular pressing from round to rectangular to avoid material loss when machining the initial billet. The process has been simulated using a finite element program Abaqus. This simulation showed feasibility of the process and provided information regarding tool geometry and required forces.