Islam, Marketing and Consumption : Critical Perspectives on the Intersections

Jafari, Aliakbar and Sandikci, Ozlem (2016) Islam, Marketing and Consumption : Critical Perspectives on the Intersections. Routledge Studies in Critical Marketing . Routledge, Oxon. ISBN 9780415746946

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In recent years, a critically oriented sub-stream of research on Muslim consumers and businesses has begun to emerge. This scholarship, located both within and outside the marketing field, adopts a socio-culturally situated approach to Islam and investigates the complex and multifaceted intersections between Islam and markets.This book seeks to reflect various unheard and emerging critical voices from within the Muslim world, and provide a series of critical insights on how, if and why Islam matters to marketing theory and practice. It questions the existing assumptions and polarising discussions which underpin the portrayal of Islam as the ‘other’ of Modernity, while acknowledging that Muslims themselves are partially responsible for creating stereotyped representations of Islam and ‘the Muslim’.