Delivering building simulation information via new communication media

Prazeres, L.M.R. and Clarke, Joseph Andrew and Hand, Jon and Kim, Jae Min; Jiang, Y and Zhu, Y.X. and Yang, X.D. and Li, X.T., eds. (2007) Delivering building simulation information via new communication media. In: Building simulation 2007 proceedings. Tsinghua University Press, CHN. ISBN 9780977170630 (

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Often, the goal of understanding how the building works and the impact of design decisions is hampered by limitations in the presentation of performance data. Contemporary results display is often constrained to what was considered good practice some decades ago rather than in ways that preserve the richness of the underlying data. This paper reviews a framework for building simulation support that addresses these presentation limitations as well as making a start on issues related to distributed team working. The framework uses tools and communication protocols that enable concurrent information sharing and provide a richer set of options for understanding complex performance relationships.


Prazeres, L.M.R., Clarke, Joseph Andrew ORCID logoORCID:, Hand, Jon and Kim, Jae Min ORCID logoORCID:; Jiang, Y, Zhu, Y.X., Yang, X.D. and Li, X.T.