Automated fuzzy-clustering for Doctus expert system

Baracskai, Zoltán and Dörfler, Viktor (2003) Automated fuzzy-clustering for Doctus expert system. In: International Conference on Computational Cybernetics, 2003-08-29 - 2003-08-31.

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Our Knowledge-Based Expert System Shell 'Doctus'1 is capable of deduction also called rule-based reasoning and of induction, which is the symbolic version of reasoning by cases2 . If connected to databases or data warehouses the inductive reasoning of Doctus is also used for data mining. To handle numerical domains Doctus uses statistical clustering algorithm. We define the problem in three steps: how to perform a clustering, which is neither rigid nor sensitive to noise, benefiting from the properties of the application domain, reducing the complexity as much as possible, and supplying the decision maker with useful information enabling the possibility of interaction? In this paper we present the conception of Automated FuzzyClustering using triangular and trapezoidal Fuzzy-sets, which provides overlapping Fuzzy-set covering of the domain.