Linking 3DP manufacturing with SIFT-MS volatiles organic compound analysis

Prasad, Elke and Bordos, Ecaterina and Langford, Vaughan and Perkins, Mark and Robertson, John and Halbert, Gavin W. (2023) Linking 3DP manufacturing with SIFT-MS volatiles organic compound analysis. In: AAPS 2023 PHARMSCI 360, 2023-10-22 - 2023-10-25, Orange County Convention Center.

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3D printing (3DP) oral solid dose forms by Fused Filament Fabrication has gained increased interest in recent years. To facilitate efficient formulation and process development, some studies developed and implemented rheological and mechanical screening tests [1-3]. However, changes in the formulated polymeric system due to processing at elevated temperatures and shear have not been addressed. In this study, SIFT-MS Volatiles Organic Compound Analysis was employed to monitor a 3DP manufacturing process.