Advancements in modelling the tribocorrosion current

Fayzi, Mohsen and Stack, Margaret M and Hashemi, Reza (2024) Advancements in modelling the tribocorrosion current. ChemElectroChem. pp. 1-9. ISSN 2196-0216 (

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Tribocorrosion in passive metals involves a complex and interactive mechanism between mechanical and electrochemical actions at a rubbing contact in a corrosive environment. The mechanical wear mechanism disrupts the passive film on the metal surface; and instantly, the metal repassivates and dissolves in the corrosive environment. This surface damage failure can occur in various components such as marine structures and medical implants which can force significant downtime and repair costs. In this article, historical advancement in the well-known theories and models which have been developed for passivation and tribocorrosion current (as a measure for wear-accelerated corrosion) is presented and discussed. The strengths and limitations associated with the models are reviewed to generate an overall picture of the progress in the field. The links between different models are also discussed and finally, some possible directions for future research are suggested.