Meadowing in common : towards a poetics of overgrowth

Sledmere, Maria (2023) Meadowing in common : towards a poetics of overgrowth. Postmodern Culture, 33 (1). (

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Building on Daniel Eltringham's notion of the "kinetic commons", I offer "meadowing" as an experiment in putting to creative-critical work the multi-sensory dreamscape of abundance, desire, exposure and biodiversity signified by meadow. I explore how meadowing works as a poethic practice through close readings of contemporary texts by Stephen Collis, Verity Spott, Tom Raworth and Myung Mi Kim, drawing on Sedgwick's "reparative reading" and Lyn Hejinian's "language of inquiry". I argue that meadowing proffers a lyric architecture whose fieldwork of study and dream is ongoing, whose bounds are messily incomplete, and whose orientations are improvisatory and immersive.