On ordering of β-description trees

Huang, Sumin and Kitaev, Sergey (2023) On ordering of β-description trees. Theoretical Computer Science. ISSN 0304-3975 (In Press)

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Tutte introduced planar maps in the 1960s in connection with what later became the celebrated Four-Color Theorem. A planar map is an embedding of a planar graph in the plane. Description trees, in particular, β-description trees, were introduced by Cori, Jacquard and Schaeffer in 1997, and they give a powerful tool to study planar maps. In this paper we introduce a relation on β-description trees and conjecture that this relation is a total order. Towards solving this conjecture, we provide an embedding of β(a, b)-trees into β(a − t, b + t)- trees for t ≤ a ≤ b + t, which is a far-reaching generalisation of an unpublished result of Claesson, Kitaev and Steingrímsson on embedding of β(1, 0)-trees into β(0, 1)-trees that gives a combinatorial proof of the fact that the number of rooted nonseparable planar maps with n + 1 edges is more than the number of bicubic planar maps with 3n edges.


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